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What Really Matters During the Holidays!

  “Every piece of the universe, even the tiniest little snow crystal, matters somehow. I have a place in the pattern, and so do you. Thinking of you this holiday season!”     – T.A. Barron With so much going on … Continue reading

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Carnations For Fortitude

Breathtaking is probably the quickest word that comes to mind when considering these humble flower buds. But perhaps what they should be known for also, in equal right, is their durability. If you want flowers that last days and days, … Continue reading

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Voluptuous Blooms

Bountiful finds its authentic definition in the enormous expanse of peonies. Blooms so full, you may just blush…no need to look any further when collecting the harvest of hearts. These peonies will make hearts throb and move them in the … Continue reading

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Natural Drugs: Flowers to Enhance Your Mood

Some moments, such as those of consolation, do not have words to satisfy one’s sentiments but are better expressed in a gesture. Pampering yourself or others is sometimes the things that gets cut off as unnecessary but perhaps that’s one … Continue reading

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Proper Care For Your Floral Arrangements

Fresh flowers may make us ecstatic, but why not prolong the pleasure? Many do not know some simple steps that can be taken to keep yours flowers vibrant for days and days. Our flowers already arrive to you in bud … Continue reading

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Hydrangea Happiness

Full pom-pom shaped flowers of voluptuousness, the Hydrangea is unique amongst those of the floral fauna. The way they carry their color has a transformative quality, so if you are in search for a flower that has a lot of dynamic … Continue reading

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How Hydrangeas Work

Plump and round bloomed Hydrangeas are stunning symbols of prosperity. They make phenomenal accents in arrangements with their enormous spherical shape, especially the outstandingly healthy ones we grow at Global Rose. So beauteous, it may be hard to make a decision. … Continue reading

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