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Vibrant Blush Roses
50 Stems of Dark Pink, Vogue Roses
Extremely Exciting!
Illuminating from the radiant petals of our Vibrant Blush Roses are sweet joy, laughter, and youthfulness. The sight of these soft, sultry blooms will turn any day into an unforgettable one!
50 Stems of Vogue Roses
2 bouquets of 25 stems each

Color: Dark Pink
Hand Picked
The stems are 16" - 18" long
Vase Life: 7 - 12 Days

Stage on arrival: Fresh Closed Bud 

Time to Bloom: 27 - 70 Hours
Diameter when bloomed: 2.6" - 3.8"
1 rose(s) per stem
Guard Petals: Yes 3 - 4 

Product Code: 50-roses-vogue
Vogue roses are a hybrid tea rose variety that have soft pink petals with gradients that turn dark pink towards the edges. If you are looking for Vibrant Blush Roses to make an impression as a gift or even as a decorative piece, you should definitely choose a bunch of flowers from a wholesale supplier. Get a bouquet of our plush and vibrant blush roses for the vivacious affect you're going for.

All of our Vibrant Blush Rose bushes are cared for individually in our contemporary farms equipped with some of the best green polices in the business. This guarantees that you will be receiving fresh and eco-friendly Vogue Roses. Where else can you get the best of both worlds for such low prices? The elegance of these flowers is unmatched, making them great to be used for wedding dinners or fine dining occasions.

We're sure you'll delight in the pristine presence of these beautiful blooms. For less than 70 bucks, we will ensure that your order of pink blush roses will arrive safe and fresh. Wait no more and get yours today!



By amazon customerVerified Buyer
Absolutely 100% satisfied with the shipping time and the quality of the roses. I live in the United States of America and the roses arrived on time and in excellent fresh condition. These are the most extraordinary and wonderful roses in the world!!! Four days later the roses are holding up very strong and I'm sure they will last another 7 plus days. This purchase was the best decision I made about fresh roses and i will order again. I want to thank the staff and company for an above all expectation experience. Thank you so much. Shane from Georgia
By amazon feedback reviewVerified Buyer
Overall, great roses. They lasted over a week, I think, which is reasonable (changed water and added the food supplied a couple of times). The only minor drawback was the color inconsistency. A couple of roses were almost white, as opposed to the majority of blush pink ones. Shipping was quick (FedEx International, I think) - they were shipped from Colombia, if I remember correctly.