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Are peonies good wedding flowers?


Are peonies good wedding flowers? Globalrose

Few flower types can claim the kind of excitement that peonies garner from couples, wedding florists, designers and planners alike. With oversized, petal abundant (and many times) fragrant blooms that sit atop regal, glossy leaved stems; the undeniable ruffled elegance and all around extravagance of the flower makes for astounding bridal bouquets, commanding statement arrangements and even gorgeous single stem table-centerpiece blooms.


As if the above weren’t enough to make a statement for how good of a wedding flower they are, peonies come too in a palette of colors that no wedding celebration can go wrong with. From whites to deep reds, they come in the softest of creams and pinks and fuchsias, in corals, hot pinks and deep fuchsias too, and whatever color they come in, they will only add to the unique flavor of the theme, season, time or venue you choose for your wedding.

How much do peonies cost?

When planning for your choice of wedding flowers, it’s important to note that peonies are on the pricier side of all blooms. One way to go about it though is to choose them as either the focal point of one or two statement pieces (complete with abundant fillers and greens), or by mixing and matching them with other, less expensive blooms. Rest assured, peonies will only add to the beauty of the flowers you pair them with.

SO, WHAT DOES THE FLOWERS GUY HAVE TO SAY ABOUT PEONIES AS WEDDING FLOWERS? So, what does the flowers guy have to say about peonies as wedding flowers? Miko Kishimizu

For all the allure, it is the character of the plant from which peonies grow what lends the most significance to the undeniable beauty of the flower. True perennials, the sturdy, cold-hardy bushes – most varieties can withstand temperatures of (minus) 50℉ – they offer their bloom from right after the last winter frost, and in very few instances (depending on the variety) doing so closer to the first one in the fall.

Most surprisingly though, and given the right conditions (while demanding of little care), peony plants are known to offer their overabundant, flower plenty bloom once a year for well over one hundred years. [1] Two truly amazing qualities that make for an eloquent metaphor about what we should most aspire of ourselves, of ourselves in a relationship, and so the best measure of our own strength and that of our bonds.

About how in both life and love, we will be required not only of the innermost resilience as to withstand the harshest of times, but of the determination to carry ourselves through these in ways that will ultimately see us sprout and blossom into our most outward and generous selves; always knowing that the best measure of our strength and that of our bonds, will be the delicate kind beauty of our bloom.

So come think about it – the undeniable ruffled elegance and all around extravagance of the flower, the range of its color palette, how well it sits with and only adds to the beauty of other blooms, the character of the plant they grow from and the metaphor it inspires (which only adds to its undeniable beauty) – not a matter of if “good,” but in the case of peonies; the most eloquent of wedding flowers.

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