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Summer Flowers with Style!

Bring the sunshine inside your lovely abode with some simple yet creative DIY arrangements. We have suggestions to make it look like you worked hard slaving away at your creative stations for the perfect domestic adornments. Whether you want something casual or upscale, we have got you covered.

Hot Pink

The trick to changing the look of the arrangement is in the base: your vase. For a comfortable and laid-back display, you may want to consider using something like a pale, water pitcher, or mason jar. Fill up the vase with flowers of your choice, we recommend Aster Flowers for a rustic French-country arrangement.

Reflect the ocean waves by filling a clear vase with sea shells that you collected from your last beach trip. This is a fun activity for children, not to mention quite stylish for a summer-style arrangement. You may want some flowers that are reminiscent of ocean colors: blue hydrangeas, yellow lilies, and white roses are excellent choices for an eclectic and elegant bouquet.
Calla Lily
Impress guests with your designer-skills at your next dinner party: take a clear vase and  stack whole lemons, limes, or both together in them for a fresh and vibrant base! USe flowers that really pop with the added color or orange, yellow, or white varieties! We suggest flowers such as sunflowers, white Asiatic Lilies, mango-orange Calla Lilies, and hot pink Alstroemeria.

You can pat yourself on the shoulder for managing those “little things” in domestic paradise that make all the difference, we’ll help you make it happen.

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Colorful Fun at a Summer Wedding

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” Henry James

The sun is radiating its warmth everywhere it touches, it simply beckons you to go outside and view one of the things summer is best known for: its colors. Perhaps the most beloved of seasons, summer is passionate, lively, and bright. Plan a wedding during this season to reflect the romance of everlasting union — and then head straight to a glorious sun-entrenched honeymoon by the water right after. Does is get more perfect than that?

You’ll want to set just the right mood at your wedding. The colors of summer are like that of fire: yellow, orange, and red. This exciting step in your life should be accompanied by flowers that convey just the right message — an important decision to be made. The first step you can take on this journey is deciding whether you want to contrast the colors of the season with simplicity (such as by using white flowers) or mirror it with vibrant colors in the arrangements you choose. Of course, there are various options between these two.

Yellow and white make a regal pair that is simply stunning. You may create a contrast of color between the bride and bridesmaids by using yellow Ibiza Roses for the bridesmaids and classic Big White Roses for the bride. Depending on the color of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses, these choices will make all the difference. Also consider the way in which you wish your bouquet to be tied or wrapped, do you want the tie to be a pop of color or do you want it to match the dress so that there is no competition with the flowers?

You may also consider having various forms of beautiful summer colors to serve as a creative visual feast. For example, if you choose yellow, you can represent it differently in the bridal bouquet, table centerpieces, and various other places of adornment by using an assortment of yellow flowers such as Sunflowers, Golden Calla Lilies, and geometrically delightful Alstroemeria.

You don’t have to pick any one color though, express the festiveness of this important moment with a colorful assortment of Oriental Lilies. There are many directions with which you can take the ambiance of your wedding, make sure to get bright flowers for this brightest of moments both due to the season and eternal significance of marriage, a moment to celebrate for a lifetime.

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Summer Colors : A Yellow Wedding? (Revisted)

“How wonderful the colour yellow is. It stands for the sun!” Vincent Van Gogh

It is not hard to be a great admirer of flowers, in fact, they seem to instantly inhabit our hearts as a comfortable love as well as any other pleasurable thing may such as a delicious meal or beautiful balcony view. Yet should there be any discernment employed in picking flowers? Here we have to offer you an in depth analysis of different floral colors. Today, the color of choice is yellow. What does it represent? What symbolic value does it have to offer at a wedding?

Yellow flowers such a sunflowers and certain lilies share a sunny disposition that is optimistic, playful, and joyous. This high-energy hue is known to indicate happiness, cheer, and intellectuality. Its warming effect is not only supposed to arouse elation but is also deemed to be a catalyst for mental stimulation. So bright, it demand attention, yellow has the unique characteristic of being demure yet loud at the same time, a most significant blend.

Those familiar with the color’s historic essence will know that it is used to convey loyalty, steadfastness, and strength. It is, in fact, a color of honor, of high regal relationships and temperaments. Use yellow flowers for a fresh feel that brings a pleasant atmosphere just bursting with significance.

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Red Hot! Summer Flowers!

It’s red hot this year! A sweaty and sultry summer is upon us once again and all of Mother nature’s glorious and gorgeous colors and hues are here! How can we ourselves capture the feeling of the season? Perhaps a saucy dose of freshness is in order? Incorporate Summer itself at home or while you keep cool under your cabana by the beach when you gaze at some beautiful flowers!


Purple Asters 

Author’s Note : Aster’s are September’s birth flower and symbolize patience. Aster’s are also the choice flower for one’s 20th Wedding Anniversary.

Yellow Dyed Sonia Orchids

Your Summer parties are sure to be a hit when the right kind of decorations are taken into consideration and you can never go wrong with fresh flowers from our online flower shop. Why accept anything less than the best? It’s hard to compete when your flowers are grown and harvested from environmentally friendly state of the art farming facilities.


Pink Peonies

Author’s Note : In some cultures Peonies are a sign of the beginning of the Summer season.

Yellow Daisies

No matter what kind of flower best suits your taste, Global Rose is the way to go! With free shipping across the continental United States, you’ve got nothing to lose this Summer so bring in those exotic floral flavors of the season that you’re craving and missing and let’s take in the sights of some delightful flowers!

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Easy Summer Solutions!

An Original Post by the Writers at Globalrose.com

Everyone is running about, children are either graduating or passing on to their next year of school, love is in the air, birthdays and all sorts of celebrations are happening all around. Life surrounds us and yet… Is something still missing? The meaning of life is a topic for another blog post, the “lack of” that we’re addressing today is the one that you feel whilst going through the motions of life, flitting about the house, attending the occasional summer soiree. As human beings, we are very sensitive to our atmosphere. It’s remarkable how a few changes can make such an enormous difference.


   Bring brightness to your surroundings instantly with our fresh and radiant Sunflowers. It doesn’t take much work to have a little extra something to smile about as you continue enjoying your day-to-day routines!

White Daisies

In the kitchen, draw back the curtains and perhaps dust off an old vase and enjoy the youthful cheeriness of these wonderful white daisies!  This casual arrangement literally takes seconds and makes you feel fabulous. Not even the spa can compete with Global Rose’s Floral therapy.

For a more regal homemade design, find an appropriately sized container of any sort or perhaps for a little fun, how about that old pitcher you never use in the kitchen anyway?  Fill it with a wealth of different green and white filler flowers like our Baby’s Breath and Ruscus combos!


  Mix them with these Deep Purple Roses for an arrangement that’s elegance and simplicity is unmatched! You’ll feel a sense of wholeness just by taking these small measures. An explosive pop of color is sometimes all you truly need to enhance your life and you’ll see the difference immediately with a striking floral companion by your side, we guarantee it!

Deep Purple Roses

   For a helpful guide on how to arrange your roses, please watch the video below!

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Summer Wedding Decor and Venues (Revisited)

An Original Post by Pilar of Globalrose.com

If you select the summer season to hold your wedding, you’ll want to think about all the little things that you can do in order to carry the sincerest of feelings throughout the special day. The details of the bouquet and reception arrangements are an obvious aspect to reflect upon. Will you stud the flowers with accents such as pearls or shining stones? Will the table centerpieces be uniform or will you have smaller versions to fill the gaps between the large statement-pieces? Shall your wedding procession have two large arrangements to dress up the aisle lines? How will they be placed? On towering pillars? Tied to stands? Hanging from the the Church-doors?

You won’t want to neglect a single detail as it all plays a role. Pick up on the light-heartedness of the time and season and make sure to inject this mood wherever possible. You may want to focus on the flower girls, for example, the epitome of youthful brightness. A crown of flowers is a playful touch, remember how pretty the flower girls looked with their little accessories? Floral hair pieces mark the significance of the day, after all, how often do we get the chance to wear them? The girls will admire the bride, and such a detail will be a great source of pleasure not only to you and guests but to them, for they aspire to imitate the beautiful bride. Pink and yellow flowers go well to symbolize pure joyfulness and look great as bouquets or as stylish touches to the dress of those participating in the wedding.

Don’t pass up the chance to give your wedding that extra touch, in the end, it will all be worth it. It’s not just about the day, but the memory you carry with you. Global Rose will help you make all your dreams come to fruition.

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A Summer Wedding: Tropical and Outdoor

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

 F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

An Original Post the  Writers at Globalrose.com

Summer is often considered the fruit of the year. It is the expression of freedom from school for children, vacations for families, and light elegant fabrics that flow in the delicious breeze. With so much happiness brimming in the air, is not summer the perfect time to hold a wedding?

The options are endless when planning this special event, start with picking the location and deciding if you want a color scheme. From there, you have the foundation for a glorious celebration. Of course, a wedding would be missing some aesthetic value without the right flowers to compliment it. We have several options to suit all your needs at GlobalRose.com.

An outdoor wedding would do well to play upon the spirit of summer and include some flowers from our Tropical bouquets, whose vibrant colors are sure to impress guests. Especially if you choose to embrace nature and pick the beach as your venue, our Tropical collection is ideal and would look very flattering against the natural setting of palm trees.

The options are truly endless, consider a simple arrangement wrapped around the tie of the curtains that fall along the corners and sides of the canopies at the outdoor reception. You may also tie a bouquet on the first chair of each aisle of your wedding procession. These small touches are what take a wedding to the level of being unforgettable.

You may choose to use many colors, in which case our Colored Calla Lily Flowers are an excellent option or to keep it simple but tasteful with white flowers. A towering arrangement of White Hydrangeas makes quite the statement. If using a short vase, consider some decorative candles to add drama to your table centerpieces.

If you are looking to impress guests with not only color but with fragrance as well, Oriental Stargazer Lilies have a gorgeous and powerful scent and pair so well with just about any flower in order to create an absolutely stunning bouquet. For whatever you are looking for, we have it here at GlobalRose.com so that the perfect wedding in your mind can become your reality. Do not settle for anything less, we provide the freshest and most beautiful flowers straight to your door.

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Happy Birthday USA!!!

An Original Article by Pilar

“The American, by nature, is optimistic. He is experimental, an inventor, and a builder who builds best when called upon to build greatly.” John F. Kennedy

An explosion is soon headed our way, a great victory to celebrate, no doubt. The independence of the United States is remarkable moment in the history of this nation, one to never be treated so casually. As what is this country all about? Freedom, of course. We thrive on private enterprise. So as you prepare for barbecues and parties to celebrate, why not include the delicate and fragrant touch of every so symbolic flowers?

So wherever you may live…you may be encountering some restrictions regarding your 4th of July preparations. For example, firework restrictions. This does not mean that you have to forego an incredible ambiance though! We have ideas for you, and with our free nation-wide shipping, it does not matter whether you want a flower delivery for Texas or Washington, we have got you covered.

You can decorate with a classic combination of patriotic colors…red, white, and blue. We have solid flower options, of course, however, we also have uniquely-toned flowers. For example, our blue and white roses add a lot of interest. You can incorporate more color though the choice of a red vase, for instance; or, for a very elegant touch, try clear vases with a solid ribbon wrapped in bow around the circumference of the vase.

With tantalizing flowers setting the tone of your celebration, only wonder is in store. Embrace freedom and creativity, we have all you need.

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Love Expressed in the Petals of a Rose (Revisited)

An Original Article by Zoran Velkovski[


“It is the time you have lost for your rose that makes your rose so important.”
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Known as a classic novella (especially for children), The Little Prince is overflowing with philosophic meaning, with thoughts that touch upon the human condition itself. The character of the young prince falls in love with a rose and upon discovering that there are many other roses in this universe’s existence, he laments that his rose is not unique. However, a fox consoles him with bringing out the fact that just by her being the object of his affection, by his having spent time on her, his rose is, in fact, quite unique.

Flowers have been a member of the romantic arena since its very birth, for they emanate love’s delicacies and reflect the beauteous qualities that belong to women. Just as there are many “I’s” (since humanity is composed of many individuals) but there is, in a sense, only one “I” for every person, so too this quality is present in love. Communicate the uniqueness of the deliciously strange and gripping emotion of romance with the gift of roses. The thought, the time and consideration taken, the gravitational effect of seeing a bud one moment later come into full and bursting bloom, these are all transmitted and are sewn into the heart with the warmest of feelings.

As with the people we love, the tender gift of flowers is never to be forgotten, for each dearest person is, in fact, our life’s eternal rose.

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A Brief History on Father’s Day

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give a person, he believed in me.” – Jim Valvano

   Where does it begin? Let’s start with a brief history on Father’s Day. Outside religious traditions, in the United States Father’s Day wouldn’t come to be commonly celebrated or officially recognized until early in the 20th century. On July 5, 1908, accounts say Grace Golden Clayton, a resident of Fairmont, West Virginia and member of the church then known as the Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South, urged her pastor Robert Thomas Webb to hold a sermon in honor of fatherhood and in memory to the 361 men lost, 250 of which were fathers leaving behind thousands of children including Grace herself, during the Monongah Mining Disaster of December 1907. Because of local events taking place, the official observance of Independence Day, and Grace being a reserved and quiet person, the celebration never quite took off and was not replicated for some years.

On June 19 two years later, a celebration was held in Spokane, Washington by Sonora Smart Dodd. Sonora’s father, William Jackson Smart was a civil war veteran and single parent and after hearing a sermon on Jarvis’ Mother’s Day, she felt inspired. A member of the then Old Centenary Presbyterian Church, Sonora suggested to her pastor that fathers and fatherhood too should be similarly celebrated. After some deliberation, the concept was accepted by the church and on the aforementioned June 19, 1910 a sermon was held. The celebration would continue to fade in and out of obscurity with the times. Attempts were made to formally recognize Father’s Day as a national holiday but were ultimately defeated by congress. It wasn’t until finally in 1966 when then President, Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first official proclamation honoring fatherhood in the United States by designating the third Sunday of every June be recognized as Father’s Day. It was later made a permanent holiday and signed into law by President Richard Nixon in 1972.


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