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Illuminate Me: Magical Flowers

Have you you carved your pumpkins yet? You may already have placed your jack-o-lanterns, they could be sitting out on the porch or lawn, ready to glow on all Hallow’s Eve and give your home that extra bit of spooky goodness we all crave much like the candy on October 31st, but have you stopped to consider maybe illuminating your home with some festive flowers? While the rest of your decorations may make your home appear more ghoulish and inviting to those looking to trade in their tricks for treats, why not take the extra step for when the inevitable comes knocking at your door?


Here are some heart-warming recommendations for flowers that will capitalize on the festiveness of fall season. Consider bringing pairing the fiery glow of your freshly carved pumpkins with some frighteningly fabulous arrangement made with with our White Chocolate Roses and some colorful Baby’s Breath flower fillers. These subtle hints and details might be exactly what you need to take your decor from basic to majestic, and is a great and natural way to capture the essence of the holiday season. Flowers can be anything you want. Romantic, magical, and even mysterious. So again we ask, why not take advantage? What are you afraid of?



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Trick or Treat?

Jack-O-Lantern on Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 UpdateGhost on Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 UpdateJack-O-Lantern on Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update

“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.” Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Something wicked this way comes and Halloween is nigh upon us as the fall holiday season commences with sweeping winds and cloudy skies, perfectly setting the tone for all the devilish the festivities to come and as you might’ve guest, that means Halloween costumes, decorations, and parties are on the minds of the many.

Bright Orange Miracle Roses

Of course, while this all depends on your personal taste, Halloween is traditionally the time of the year that we choose to celebrate the macabre. Most Halloween decorations and furnishings we’re familiar with are excellent for creating a spooky atmosphere or accentuating the eerie, but let us not forgo beauty and sophistication just for the sake of maintaining this visage of horror. Even Bram Stoker’s the Count Dracula believed in beauty and true love and there’s no reason why your festive affair shouldn’t have air of elegance to it.

Dark Purple Calla Lilies

So if you’re looking for a real treat, never fear, for we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for and you and your loved ones are in for a monstrous surprise with our selection of frighteningly fresh flowers roses!





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The Story of the Rose

Gentle beautiful, flowers are the perfect statement in times of great significance. How graceful and elegant, as is the case when you see her. That trembling fear that embraces you and explodes with trickles of delight that roll down one’s countenance and temple of being. The corporal wonder that is only out shined by what magnificence consumes one’s soul. Had there only been words enough…but I love you…I love you does not satisfy all that dictates your existence, so splendorous around her, so enriched, so much power filling your whole universe.

A desire to disappear, that almost tragic impulse, to disappear so entirely into another until she is no longer an other at all. A hypnotic trance, a yoke that we willingly carry and love until it is part of us for an eternity. Until we are enveloped in blissful union – and yet…were you aware this can never be the case? That this flower has to be revived and tended to – that this satisfaction we seek is an eternal quest. A succulent journey that is a pleasure to go on, repeatedly, until exhaustion consumes one…then, then the whole process can repeat itself and once again the most divine of indulgences may commence.

This is the experience of her, this is what the Story of the Rose, sweet, intricate, and delicate…it is the story of madness. The only madness that makes sense.

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A Flowery Tale: Words to My Rose

Authored by Pilar of Globalrose.com


“If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I’d be picking roses for a lifetime.” – Swedish Proverb

Hot Merengue Roses

The memory of you is one I can never forget. What an impact you have had on me. Although your existence perhaps somewhat influenced by mine, I sense that you remain to some degree, indifferent. Rather that life shall carry on for you in some way and I will be carefully put away in a box, a memento to be glamorized as a thing of the past. But not quite the present…no.

Super Wow Roses

No, was I ever understood in the present? Glorified, we see so much in things gone by and often times fail to embrace what is before us. It is perhaps good that we cannot relive the past, that we can make dreams out of ashes, and make our identities disappear.

Tormenta Roses

Knowingly, you had this grasp on me. I will tell you now that having been enchanted by you was a mysterious pleasure that I treasure. You have taken root in my heart, and it is there, I see, you plan to stay.

Jade Roses

Do we become more significant when we establish ourselves in the hearts of others? Who knows where it all began…and what was most important. This much I do know, though, all was so elevated by that very moment…that moment that you showed me your soul within the petals of a rose.

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Consumed by Beauty : Lost to the Power of a Rose

Have you ever allowed yourself to be overtaken by beauty? A glance over to the side, without having intended to observe anything but rather take note, could be a dangerous thing with a lovely floral arrangement around. Just short of a sort of hypnotism, they may grip you in the most shocking of ways. That is, that they ask of you to stop that which you were doing and thinking in order to contemplate and admire them. Solely.

How unusual that this commodity exists, its profundity quite shocking and yet often unnoticed…as if a flower were an everyday occurrence. Or so it is. But why? Why would we constantly encounter these beautiful object of desire along our daily paths…something so grand amongst the mundane?

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” Emma Goldman

It seems to be the workings of irony itself that beauty would be right under our noses and somehow not valued to the fullest extent of which it deserves. However, why focus all our energy on this single disturbing fact?

Rather, we shall turn our attention to the way that flowers, especial in large clusters…as is how we sell them here at Global Rose, posses the finest power of leaving an impression of utter decadence that is immensely appreciated. Divinity at a glance.

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Defining Beauty and the Gift of Eternity

An Original Article by Pilar

Commercialism has told us a lot about what works and what does not. They say “Diamonds are a girls best friend”, but I never heard anything get repeated squeals of joy (no matter who) like fresh flowers. Something about the renewed air once in the presence of glorious bursting flowers and their sweet aroma adds an emphasis on everything, a morning is more than a morning when we wake up to flowers. A certain lightness in the step, an injection of warm nostalgic feelings that swell with memories and good feelings, flowers enhance our days in a most distinguished way.

Yes, diamonds do last forever, but the most beautiful things do not. After all, does our mortality not make us appreciate life and its fragility all the more? Baudelaire, the French poet, spoke of what beauty did to those who tried to capture Her. She was ambivalent, and poets would bruise themselves upon her in their attempts to understand her. So too with the rose, and flowers in general, their beauty in unparalleled — making them the most distinct of gifts that says more than words ever could. Capture all that you intend and say it with flowers, their language is universal, as they were loved prior to are being told they should be. They will outlast any fad, for they are here to stay. Not sure of what to do? We know a flower delivery will certainly get the job done. Do not forget to include a card, even words cannot satisfy the depths of existence, the attempt is always to be appreciated.

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A Whole New World – As Told By A Flower

“The focus of ‘Flower’ is emotion and to make you feel peaceful.” Jenova Chen

An Original Article by Pilar

Softly, I unburden you. Gently, I enhance you. Unbeknownst to you, I cross the border of propriety and distance so swiftly and so silently that you are unable to realize you have been overcome until the usurping has been done. I do not ask you to take the silk, but rather to give me your hand. In contemplation, in the most serene disposition, to be overcome by me is to admit one’s self to a whole new world. A place of such immense profundity, it is hard to anticipate ever ceasing to be seduced by its wonders.

It does not matter to me if you resist, because the quality of what I offer is bound to rule with such subtly that its tender offer is irresistible. Do not look away, enter my path of imagination, my dominion of beauty. The illustrious palace of fantasy, depth, and bewilderment. All that is strange, awe-inspiring, and devouring. A beautiful suggestion, soft courage is all it takes to experience the everlasting promise of my embrace.

I can show you the way, to a place that words only fall short to describe. The paradox of life. Though only a darling bloom, it is you who I wish to consume. My power is beyond the earth, it sits upon that which is the very foundation of your every step. It is all, it is love itself. How closely beauty and love can be related. Such revelations to be discovered in my kingdom of illustriousness and divinity. My invitation stands, waiting for your acceptance.

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Blooming into Perfection: Flowers For Life

Have you ever stared at the gates of life with that inquisitive gaze…the one that asks what is the endurance of this perpetual meaning? Well, maybe yes or no, but we certainly do have moments where we wonder why do we have this life, this world, this body, this environment, this family…

We go about our daily lives in some sort of rhythmic monotony that is, in some sense, extremely comforting. Amongst all the commitments of work and studies, personal goals, and whatever else that may be thrown at us, there is still that occasional and profound moment where we stop in our tracks and question everything.

That is when flowers come in, so illustriously (we may add), at those exact moments where we are filled with poetry and the beauty of existence and have no words to suffice as an expression of our sentiments. Flowers have that unique power to say it all without lifting a finger or err…petal.

Hence we can attribute a floral purpose to occasions of love, celebration, and even grief. These beauties transcend any one drama and touch perfection (the beautiful) in of itself. They should be enjoyed to the fullest and should not be missed! Even so, a fine occasion is severely lacking without the right flowers to attend it!

They dress the place like no other and elevate it to heights of perfection that are simply not within the hands of mankind himself. Bring that touch of divinity that only flowers can give, you will be more than pleased!

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Summer Flowers with Style!

Bring the sunshine inside your lovely abode with some simple yet creative DIY arrangements. We have suggestions to make it look like you worked hard slaving away at your creative stations for the perfect domestic adornments. Whether you want something casual or upscale, we have got you covered.

Hot Pink

The trick to changing the look of the arrangement is in the base: your vase. For a comfortable and laid-back display, you may want to consider using something like a pale, water pitcher, or mason jar. Fill up the vase with flowers of your choice, we recommend Aster Flowers for a rustic French-country arrangement.

Reflect the ocean waves by filling a clear vase with sea shells that you collected from your last beach trip. This is a fun activity for children, not to mention quite stylish for a summer-style arrangement. You may want some flowers that are reminiscent of ocean colors: blue hydrangeas, yellow lilies, and white roses are excellent choices for an eclectic and elegant bouquet.
Calla Lily
Impress guests with your designer-skills at your next dinner party: take a clear vase and  stack whole lemons, limes, or both together in them for a fresh and vibrant base! USe flowers that really pop with the added color or orange, yellow, or white varieties! We suggest flowers such as sunflowers, white Asiatic Lilies, mango-orange Calla Lilies, and hot pink Alstroemeria.

You can pat yourself on the shoulder for managing those “little things” in domestic paradise that make all the difference, we’ll help you make it happen.

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Colorful Fun at a Summer Wedding

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” Henry James

The sun is radiating its warmth everywhere it touches, it simply beckons you to go outside and view one of the things summer is best known for: its colors. Perhaps the most beloved of seasons, summer is passionate, lively, and bright. Plan a wedding during this season to reflect the romance of everlasting union — and then head straight to a glorious sun-entrenched honeymoon by the water right after. Does is get more perfect than that?

You’ll want to set just the right mood at your wedding. The colors of summer are like that of fire: yellow, orange, and red. This exciting step in your life should be accompanied by flowers that convey just the right message — an important decision to be made. The first step you can take on this journey is deciding whether you want to contrast the colors of the season with simplicity (such as by using white flowers) or mirror it with vibrant colors in the arrangements you choose. Of course, there are various options between these two.

Yellow and white make a regal pair that is simply stunning. You may create a contrast of color between the bride and bridesmaids by using yellow Ibiza Roses for the bridesmaids and classic Big White Roses for the bride. Depending on the color of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses, these choices will make all the difference. Also consider the way in which you wish your bouquet to be tied or wrapped, do you want the tie to be a pop of color or do you want it to match the dress so that there is no competition with the flowers?

You may also consider having various forms of beautiful summer colors to serve as a creative visual feast. For example, if you choose yellow, you can represent it differently in the bridal bouquet, table centerpieces, and various other places of adornment by using an assortment of yellow flowers such as Sunflowers, Golden Calla Lilies, and geometrically delightful Alstroemeria.

You don’t have to pick any one color though, express the festiveness of this important moment with a colorful assortment of Oriental Lilies. There are many directions with which you can take the ambiance of your wedding, make sure to get bright flowers for this brightest of moments both due to the season and eternal significance of marriage, a moment to celebrate for a lifetime.

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