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The Story of the Rose

Gentle and beautiful, flowers are the perfect statement in times of great significance. How graceful and elegant, as is the case when you see her. That trembling fear that embraces you and explodes with trickles of delight that roll down one’s countenance and temple of being. The corporal wonder that is only out shined by what magnificence consumes one’s soul. Had there only been words enough…but I love you…I love you does not satisfy all that dictates your existence, so splendorous around her, so enriched, so much power filling your whole universe.

A desire to disappear, that almost tragic impulse, to disappear so entirely into another until she is no longer an other at all. A hypnotic trance, a yoke that we willingly carry and love until it is part of us for an eternity. Until we are enveloped in blissful union – and yet…were you aware this can never be the case? That this flower has to be revived and tended to – that this satisfaction we seek is an eternal quest. A succulent journey that is a pleasure to go on, repeatedly, until exhaustion consumes one…then, then the whole process can repeat itself and once again the most divine of indulgences may commence.

This is the experience of her, this is what the story of the rose. Sweet, intricate, and delicate…it is the story of madness. The only madness that makes sense.

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Wedding Flower Bouquets

Wedding Flower Bouquets

Wedding flower bouquets and how they can really make or break a wedding

Wedding flower bouquets are big business for many companies. Almost any wedding that has some kind of budget will include wedding flowers as one of the important things that needs to be present during the service. Normally flowers will be included on the bridesmaids dresses, the groom and groomsmen and the bride will also have her own bouquet to carry up the aisle. The wedding bouquet is a very high importance to the bride, as this has much significance during the service, especially for the throwing of the bouquet, as this is a very traditional part of most weddings. The point of the activity is that whoever catches the bouquet will be the next to get married, and there are often very many excited girls waiting as the bride throws it over her shoulder.

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The Campaign for Yellow Flowers: Yellow Wedding?

It is not hard to be a great admirer of flowers, in fact, they seem to instantly inhabit our hearts as a comfortable love as well as any other pleasurable thing may such as a delicious meal or beautiful balcony view. Yet should there be any discernment employed in picking flowers? Here we have to offer you an in depth analysis of different floral colors. Today, the color of choice is yellow. What does it represent? What symbolic value does it have to offer at a wedding?

Yellow flowers such a sunflowers and certain lilies share a sunny disposition that is optimistic, playful, and joyous. This high-energy hue is known to indicate happiness, cheer, and intellectuality. Its warming effect is not only supposed to arouse elation but is also deemed to be a catalyst for mental stimulation. So bright, it demand attention, yellow has the unique characteristic of being demure yet loud at the same time, a most significant blend.

Those familiar with the color’s historic essence will know that it is used to convey loyalty, steadfastness, and strength. It is, in fact, a color of honor, of high regal relationships and temperaments. Use yellow flowers for a fresh feel that brings a pleasant atmosphere just bursting with significance.

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Beautiful Flowers and Their Meanings

We covered some of the interesting associations within the language of flowers in this post here. It adds quite a bit of dimension when you are familiar with the symbolic significance of the flowers you gift yourself and others. Each bloom has its own unique beauty, as does much vegetation, why not acquaint yourself with its unique world?

Lotus: So anciently embraced, this flower is often talked about in scopes beyond its presence such as in Yoga, yet the lotus is known, above all, for its innocence, purity, and eloquence. It is considered a flower of chastity.

Rose: Although with multilayers of complexity depending on the color you are considering, there are some things to note about the genre “rose” itself. Did you know that a thornless rose is used to indicate love at first site? The first few colors of roses were of light pink, blush, and cream hues. A pink rose, for example, means grace. Dark pink signifies gratitude…good to know next time you wish to show your appreciation.

Rosemary: Perhaps the most sensational herb due to its powerfully alluring fragrance and taste, rosemary is a sign of remembrance.

Sweet pea: A popular fragrance, Sweet pea is a way of saying you give someone your thanks.

Soon to come are different combinations of roses and their unique meanings.

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Impress Her with Flowers: How To Get A Supermodel To Love You

You may be one of the many fellows fumbling around in the dating world, looking for a woman of quality, and always end up retracting in the misery of disillusionment…alas, romance may seem like a fiction. Although there are many factors that pull in together to create the status quo, it could very well be that a simple suggestion, a heightening outlook and perspective is all that is needed.

Other than some obvious changes, such as taking care of one’s self and maintaining a satisfying (enough) existence independent of others (which are attractive qualities), women, like flowers, like to be taken care of. That is when they fully bloom. Check out this short video of Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima describing how it is that her husband won her over.

Beginnings, to a certain extent, are absolutely crucial for a flourishing relationship. You must show your lover that she is important and worth everything, including your time and consideration. Think of how she would feel to enter a house filled with luscious roses..the outstanding gesture would be a moment to treasure for eternity and would quickly tell her some devastatingly attractive things about you.

So as long as you act from the heart, a beautiful woman is always within reach. Just remember, beauty is more than appearances!

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The Red Wedding: Bridal Bouquets

redSome people may be thinking that a red wedding can only pertain to the popular penultimate episode of Game Of Thrones’ third season, but red weddings are, in fact, a far more ancient tradition. Red? Yes, blood red. Red over any other color, especially white. You may be calling us crazy, but give the idea a moment of consideration. Why are white dresses the standard of weddings? A time of virginal purity being upheld, the serenity and perfection of white. White, which is not a color at all but the collection of all the colors of the spectrum. But it wasn’t always this way. All you need to do is go back to the days of Ancient Rome for a decadently red wedding.red2

Romans wore red wedding dresses because red is the color of passion, fire, and love. Burning romance was the value upheld over “white” purity. Not that you have to choose. But why settle for representing one symbolic face of marriage? Is not romance equally important? Commence your wedding with all the layers of complexity that life and relationships themselves contain, incorporate some vibrant reds in your wedding flowers! Declare love in the loudest of voices and blend ancient traditions into a swirl of rich meaning. The contract of marriage, being a most beautiful arrangement, should be given the upmost importance and care on this day. So plan carefully. We have some lovely suggestions. Whether it be red roses, carnations, or peonies, we have got your rich colors covered!

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Immortal Love: The Wedding Flower and Beyond

flowerTrue love is the delicate and rare blossom of life. A gift to be blessed with, and something that requires upkeep to be maintained, to thrive and grow. Is it any surprise that we commemorate this rarity with flowers? The rich and beauteous gift of nature, an aesthetic wonder. The promise of what can come from cultivating the tender plant of love. But what is the flower that declares, that yells of this love from the top of its lungs like no other? Ortega y Gasset, the Spanish philosopher, said that when we’re in love, we refuse to imagine a world without the person whom we love. Without his or her existence, life itself is shattered.
Wedding flowers are more than just looks, your ambiance is carried by the choices you make. If picking a flower to represent immortal love, we have done some historic digging to find that any flower of a purple to deep red or burgundy color is highly symbolic of eternity. The unfading quality of true love is something so unique that if there was anything that deserved a celebration, it is undoubtedly it. Have flowers that are beautiful and deep with meaning, because that’s what true love is like. We ensure quality and would not have it any other way on this most important day.

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The Language of Roses

roseOne of the fascinating things about flowers is the multiplicity of meanings their colors and blooms can bear. They are the gift of antiquity, the great subject of art. One of the second greatest muses (since women are the first). And even in the subject of flowers and women, they always seem to describe one another. Artists and poets of all sorts seem to agree that the flower touches some sort of perfection worth reflecting and attempting to capture. The delicate bulb of petals strung together that mysteriously open into a gloriously sensual experience. Look in our art and you will see them there, saying something to you, so alluring they are irresistible. Why have we chose to make them such a part of our lives? It is much more than utilitarian, nothing like how we have chosen horses or certain crops because we found them useful to sustain us.rose2

Or is it perhaps that flowers do sustain us? Yet in the way that is more than practical, the way that fills us with poetry and light and adds true substance. Sometimes we abuse them, use them to silence others or to assuage them. But even that misuse of flowers speaks to their great power of seduction. Give a rose and know the magnitude held in this seemingly small gesture. You hold ancient wisdom, the force of humanity, perfection at a mere glance. This sweet scent. The enormity of what bountiful richness our world exudes. Allow flowers to say it all, it does not matter the occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, relationships of all sorts), there is a flower that will say it all and more.

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Table Centerpieces That Glow

rGlittering, glowing, and sparkling table centerpieces can truly add to the aesthetic wow-factor at events. One exciting way to bring extra brightness is to garnish gorgeous flower arrangements with votive candles besides them. For a wedding that will dazzle guests beyond words, consider creative ways to make your table centerpieces be unforgettable. Besides a towering vase of vibrant and fragrant lilies, little creamy colored votive candles will be like the visual equivalent of hearing a chorus of angles sing on Christmas eve in the background. That small touch that makes everything magical. Not that flowers need any help, but trying something different with them will certainly be something to talk about. It is also a highly affordable way to make sure your engagement, function, or fundraiser has a lot of glitz and glam.

Imagine a lush arrangement of deep-red roses paired besides a clear ornate bowl filled with floating votive candles that dance as their lights pass by each other like ships. Those orbs of light will bounce off the rich color of the flowers to create an image that is quite special.r2

For a more down-to-earth look, you may make a holder for a votive candle out of an orange. Fruit in vases already makes for a stunning arrangement, a glowing orange globe besides some creamy white flowers would make for something astonishingly beautiful that has a light summer freshness as well. There are many ways to create centerpieces that are stunning, the flowers take the stage but why not add a little back up?

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The Purpose of the Bouquet

sdsSometimes, it takes being on the receiving end of a gift to understand its significance. Especially for those short of imagination. However, there is one gift that suits givers of all sorts for whether you wish to access creative banks or choose simplicity, a stunning result is possible either way. That is, of course, the gift of flowers. Here is an example: coming back from a trip you cannot help but glance at all the knick-knacks in the souvenir shops but no matter how many snow globes, t-shirts, and refrigerator magnets you consider purchasing, nothing quite says “I missed you.” These things seem transient in a superficial way. But if you were to send a bouquet of flowers, the flourishing life they possess would transfer into the sentiments of its receiver. It is that extra step that shows the thought and consideration of someone who truly cares.

Your daughter has just finished her final performance of the play she’s been working on at school for months, she has poured so much time and effort into this. What better reward than fresh cut flowers? Your mother has worked so hard to help you with so many things, taking from her valuable time — does not the bouquet show the sincerest of attitudes?sdf

Your son has just returned from his studies away from home, would not some gorgeous yellow roses give the warmest of welcomes?

A bouquet gives a wealthy breath of freshness into a space and into other’s lives. So if you are ever unsure of where to begin in order to convey heart-warming feelings, make a floral consideration…you are sure to make someone’s (including yours) day.

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