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Flower Centerpieces Ideas: Wedding Arrangements You Will Love

Arranging in specific colors and design adds beauty and freshness to the ambiance. Flower centerpieces are the best way to arrange flowers, and it helps in bringing the decor of the event together and turn everyone’s eyes to the centerpiece. Flower centerpieces in important events such as weddings are essential. They help set up the theme of the overall decor and add a touch of festive elegance to the event. However, centerpieces can be costly. If you are a to-be bride looking for some affordable flower centerpiece ideas, then you’ve come to the perfect place!

Flower Centerpieces Ideas

Flower Centerpieces Ideas

Glass Bowl Arrangement

Glass bowl arrangement is one of the best and most affordable wedding centerpiece ideas. This will give a minimalist and elegant look to your decor. All you have to do is find a glass bowl and then fill it with peonies.

DIY Flower Bottles

This is a DIY way to create beautiful wedding flower centerpieces ideas for your wedding! All you have to do is to get an empty glass bottle. Decorate the bottle with any fabric or paper of your choice. Now all you have to do is add some flowers, and you will be good to go!

wedding flower centerpieces ideas

Wedding Flower Centerpieces Ideas

Flowers And Sticks Centerpiece

If you are into majestic wedding flower table arrangements, then you will love this one! Take a flower vase and put a mix of some of your favorite flowers and some tall sticks inside the vase; that’s all! You can alter the size of the flowers and stick them to your liking.

Wooden Box Flower Centerpieces

Use a wooden crate and fill it with some beautiful flowers of your choice. Don’t forget to use floral foam to support the stems of the flowers.

Basket Flower Centerpieces

If you have any market basket or picnic basket, you can use it to make a beautiful flower centerpiece. This is one of the most accessible flower centerpieces ideas. Fill in the basket with some flowers, and that’s it.

Exposed Flower Bulbs

Pick up a glass vase with a wide mouth, then add some flower bulbs to give a unique look. Paperwhite bulbs look beautiful in a glass jar.

Exposed Tulip Flower Bulbs

Exposed Tulip Flower Bulbs

Mason Jar Centerpiece

This is one of the cheapest flower centerpieces ideas. All you have to do is get your hands on some Mason jars and fill them with flowers. To keep the flowers fresh, for an extended place floral foam inside the jar.

Pink Flower Centerpiece

If you love pink, this will be your favorite flower centerpiece idea. Take a simple and small case and add flowers of different shades of pink. If possible, overfill the vase with flowers.

Lilac Flower Centerpiece

Lilac flowers are the best way to bring elegance to any event. Add vibrant lilac flowers to your favorite vase to give an elegant look.

lilac flower centerpieces for weddings

Lilac Flower Centerpieces for Weddings

Empty Perfume Bottle Flower Centerpieces

Do you have beautiful empty perfume bottles that you don’t want to throw away? Reuse your empty perfume bottle by transforming them into beautiful flower centerpieces. Fill the bottles with water and add flowers of your choice.

Watering Can Flower Centerpieces

Reuse your old watering can as centerpieces. Use spray paint to color the old water cans, and then use them as a vase!

Reused Tin Can Flower Centerpieces Ideas

Utilize used tin containers at your home to create beautiful and unique flower centerpieces. All that you will need is some tin cans and spray paint. Once the cans are painted, you can place flowers in them.

Lantern Flower Centerpiece

Don’t want to display pretty flowers in a vase? We have got something better for you! Lanterns are a great way to display flowers. Place your favorite flowers in the lantern, and that’s it! You’ll have a unique and beautiful centerpiece ready.

Reused Pitcher Centerpieces

Reuse your old pitchers as centerpieces. If you want, you can paint them or leave them as it is. Add some colorful flowers, and that’s it! You will have a beautiful flower centerpiece ready in front of you.

Wine Glass Flower Decorations

Take out wine glasses, fill them with water and add some flowers to the glass. Keep them together on the table or arrange them on the entire table; it is totally up to you! Either way, it will look mind-blowing.

Traditional Ginger Jar Floral Design

The vibrant hues of a traditional ginger jar make it the ideal background for a flower arrangement. Consider using an arrangement that is similar in color but not identical to the vase. As a result, the layout will have a more natural flow and both portions will be more prominent. The addition of a few pieces of greenery helps to further divide the space.

Romantic Ginger Jar Wedding Inspiration

Romantic Ginger Jar Wedding Inspiration

Hydrangeas That Are Large And Dry-Blooming

Hydrangeas are known for their stunning blossoms, which makes them ideal for arrangements in which the flowers need to grab the viewer’s attention right away. In order to make the arrangement more in tune with the season, you may want to think about drying hydrangeas so that they take on a new look. Incorporating this sort of bloom inside mason jars is an excellent idea as well.

Flowers with Asparagus

It’s hard to believe that asparagus can be so useful when it comes to arranging flowers. A basic vase may be elevated with such a distinctive material thanks to this effort. When used with a springtime theme, it gives a contrasting depth of color to the design.

Stunning Tulip and Greenery Arrangements

When it comes to flower arrangements, tulips are a perennial favorite. It’s possible to get one that matches your own style and home’s aesthetic preferences thanks to the wide range of colors available. The foliage enhances the tulip’s individuality, allowing each one to shine out more clearly. Any kind of vase can do, but a copper bucket is particularly eye-catching.

Colorful and Spectacular Winter Flowers

Beautiful and vibrant flower arrangements aren’t only for the spring and summer anymore. The results you can get after you induce a bloom are quite amazing. Despite this, it still accurately reflects the current weather conditions. To complete the look, place it in a rustic holder.

Flowers in an Old Vase

A flower arrangement’s mood may be completely transformed with the addition of the correct vase. This old container may serve as an immediate attention-grabber, and it doesn’t have to be anything expensive. When paired with the vibrant arrangement, the container’s traditional style creates a pleasing contrast. It would look great in a vintage-themed house.

Unique Flower Chandelier Display

A chandelier may be elevated to a new level by serving as the foundation for an arrangement of flowers. It’s a quick and easy method to freshen up your home’s decor. This might either be a long-term fixture or a temporary addition to a special event.

Hanging Décor Ideas Guaranteed to Elevate Your Wedding

Hanging Décor Ideas Guaranteed to Elevate Your Wedding

Decorate your home for the fall season with a fall-themed floral arrangement

For a quick and easy way to construct your own floral arrangement, you may follow these basic instructions. Keeping to the same color palette might help you produce a more coherent design if this is your first time arranging your own flowers. Scattered greens offer an extra pop of color to keep everything from seeming flat.

Beautiful Flower Displays with Silk Fall

It’s important to choose the perfect vase for your autumn flower arrangement in addition to employing colors that are appropriate for the time of year. Elegant pieces are often created by contrasting darker tones with a few lighter ones. After that, putting them all in a bushel basket lends a rustic, antique vibe to the whole thing.

Poppy Mallow and Queen Anne’s Lace

When it comes to Queen Anne’s Lace, the delicate and lovely blooms always steal the stage. Poppy mallow is a great method to add color to these delicate blossoms without overpowering them. Shabby chic rooms benefit greatly from the combination of these two styles.

Incredibly Beautiful Flower and Herb Garment

When it comes to corsages, you don’t have to settle for a simple or imitation one. Consider putting up a one-of-a-kind floral and herb display. If there is a wide range of people, the better. It turns out to be an eye-catching work of art. The corsage, on the other hand, will truly smell wonderful so that the recipient may enjoy it to the most.

Flower Arrangements with Roses and Greenery for Sale

You don’t need a lot of money to put together a beautiful flower arrangement. If you know where to seek and what to use, you can create a professional-looking display using inexpensive, high-quality products. You may make a single flower the centerpiece of your arrangement by surrounding it with a variety of greens.

A Springtime Floral Arrangement with a Colorful Boldness

This gorgeous flower arrangement is perfect for any celebration. These are the great hues for spring. White and various colors, particularly big flowers, let this item stand out even more. Keeping the vase itself short might also help draw attention to the flowers.

A Springtime Floral Arrangement with a Colorful Boldness

A Springtime Floral Arrangement with a Colorful Boldness

Modern Tulips in a Tall Vase in a Modern Style

If you want to make your decor stand out and serve as a focal point, choose a tall vase. In addition to their inherent beauty, tulips look even more gorgeous when displayed in a clear tall vase. This design is great since it doesn’t take up a lot of space, allowing you to make multiples and put them together.

An Eye-Catching Arrangement Of Yellow And Pink Flowers

This vibrant and vivid floral arrangement will bring a breath of fresh air into your house. Small tiger lilies will steal the show thanks to the vibrant yellows, deep pinks, and luscious greens. Despite its modest size, this bouquet is bursting with vibrant hues and a unique style. Everyday flowers such as daisies, carnations, and lilies are always good choices for a lovely flower arrangement because of their attractiveness.

Pretty and Elegant Floral Arrangement

You don’t need to be an experienced florist to put together a show-stopping bouquet. It is possible to make a DIY arrangement appear like a professional one with the appropriate selection of flowers and the right quantity of foliage. There is no need to spend a lot of money on the vase, as a simple clear one would suffice.

Arrangement of Spring Flowers on Branch

Adding a burst of color to any arrangement is always a wonderful idea with fresh greens. If you use it with white flowers, it’s perfect. In order to give it additional character, you may use flowery branches. Faux flowers are a better option for this overall set-up.


Flowers in a Variety of Colors

Flowers are always a great way to add a burst of freshness to a place. Warmer-colored flowers work nicely in containers with more subdued hues. To ensure that all of the flowers in the arrangement stand out, make sure to intertwine some foliage throughout them.

Colorful Flower Arrangement in a Boxed Centerpiece

This flower arrangement is the perfect way to mark the arrival of fall. If you’ve got a large dining table, this is a terrific way to fill up some empty space. Another option is to use a box as a vase, which enables you to use many flowers. Patterned multicolor schemes quickly enliven the space.

Minimalist Floral Ribbon Display

It’s not necessary for a floral arrangement to be tall in order to be eye-catching. With this configuration, it’s easy to keep things simple. When it comes to flowers, size and proportions are more important than variety. Smaller and bigger flowers may be mixed together in a tiny vase, but keep the stems short enough to fill the container.

Flamboyant Blossoms of Mint Fill this Teapot of Cool Mint

Give this upcycling project a try if you want to give your house a charming antique feel! To begin, choose an ancient teapot, then fill it with a contrasting arrangement of summertime flowers in a variety of hues. Make a statement in any space with this eye-catching arrangement!

Now that you have a few flower centerpieces ideas in mind, you are ready to make wedding reception centerpieces. All you have to remember is to maintain a balance while arranging flowers; one side shouldn’t look too crowded than the other. Additionally, make sure that the color of the flowers goes with each other to suit the overall theme of the event.

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Ever wondered if everything has truly been said about flowers and blooms? Ask the Flowers Guy (flowersguy@globalrose.com) and get answers to your questions from a different, very distinct angle.


Enshrined in myth, lore and fantasy, bridal bouquets have – for millennia – been part of the rich symbolism of rituals of wedlock in cultures the world over. In the case of western wedding celebrations and traditions, the origin of the bridal bouquet is thought to have taken root as far back as ancient Greece, sprouted in ancient Rome, leafed in the Middle Ages, blossomed in the Victorian era, and bloomed in modern times (pun intended.)


While the tossing of the bouquet may be related to the Greek myth of the Golden Apple of Discord, [1] it was in ancient Rome that it first became regarded as a foretoken of bounty, progeny and happiness. Roman traditions had that the bride’s attire was to be completed with a bouquet made out of herbs carefully picked by the bride herself. [2] Tradition that carried over to the Middle Ages, when these were made from strong smelling herbs and into amulets to ward-off evil spirits.

It was not until the earliest years of the Victorian era though – and because of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s rather public and decidedly celebrated royal romance and wedding – that flowers developed into western collective consciousness as symbols of romance and love. Desperately in love and privy to the secret language of flowers, [3] they celebrated their relationship by extending each other gifts of blooms; coded messages of feelings that were not to be spoken aloud at the time.

Notable amongst these, are the matching pieces of Orange Blossom – the flower itself denotes marriage and eternal love – inspired jewelry that Albert presented Victoria, and to mark significant moments in their lives between 1839 and 1846. First in the set was a brooch in the form of spring of (orange) blossom to celebrate their engagement. [4] Most eloquent of their romance and shared encoded expressions of love though, were the flowers worn by Victoria for their wedding in 1840.

Expanding of the present she received from the groom – it also represents fruitfulness and innocence, – Orange Blossom decorated her hair and dress and the first time a floral bouquet made way into royal wedding celebrations. Made up entirely of Snowdrops, bloom that in the twilight of winter breaks through the cold and ice and denotes of hope. Abundant for the time of year of their nuptials and Albert’s favorite flower, they were worn by Victoria as part of her posy. [5]


What by the time of her marriage was already the foremost global power of its day, during Queen Victoria’s time at the throne of the British Empire, it continued to expand, and by the end of her life she had come to be the head of over one-fifth of the earth’s surface and almost a quarter of the world’s population. Beholder for over six decades of unparalleled influence, it was Queen Victoria’s simple, sweet gesture to her husband to be, the first break of blossom into what the bridal bouquet is today.

A scepter of sorts, for – besides the wedding gown, – no other single item or accessory will be so uniquely eloquent about the bride’s personality, sense of style and taste, nor will be as much part of the motions that will carry her throughout, and the memories that will be made on the most magical of days; when regardless of if it marked the slightest, or the most dramatics of shifts, everything changed.

For true of every flower type and bud, no one bridal bouquet – not even if bought from a catalogue or made to order from matching single flowers or color, or from every possible bloom, color or texture – will be exactly the same. And there will always be one to not only accessorize every bridal look, but that will speak about everything that makes of the bride and bond unique, to perfection.

One that will immediately become the trust-worthiest of charms, beholden to the bride, to hold onto and see her through the time leading up to the big entrance and walk down the aisle. To hold onto during the ceremony and up to the I-do´s, throughout the celebration and outlasting it well after she parts with it. Tossing it in the air, sharing on the blessings of her good fortune.

And don’t forget be there for every picture of the bride that day. With the groom, family, bridesmaids, flower girls, groomsmen and guests; crying tears of joy, in state of elated laughter, dancing with abandonment and well after the shoes left her feet, smiling till her cheeks hurt. Recording every memory and every motion, of every emotion that day, when bride and groom crossed a threshold onto a new life.

So come think about it – the token and the amulet, the eloquence of blooms and sweet gestures, the symbol of unique character and taste, all wrapped into the trust worthiest of charms, to guide and to hold, carry through the emotions and be there for every motion and picture that day (selfies even,) to toss and see herself off and out onto the world for the adventure of a lifetime with her loving and well loved partner – not a matter of “why,” but in the case of the bridal bouquet; a scepter of sorts.

Ever prescient, lending a lot of personal meaning to everything that day.

Looking for stylish, affordable bridal bouquets (and wedding flowers)? Follow the links below for additional info and wholesale prices (on every order):

  • All flowers
  • Bridal bouquets
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  • Boutonnieres
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  • Nosegays
  • Wedding roses
  • Wedding reception centerpieces
  • Care instructions

Or set up a wedding consultation. Don’t forget to look at our wedding combos and wedding do-it-yourself packages.

All of our bridal bouquets are hand made from flowers grown by caring hands in eco-friendly greenhouses, from stems of blooms harvested just for you. All of your orders ship directly from the farm to your door. NOTE: please observe the care instructions insert in every box. By following these, our flowers will reward your mindful-care by remaining fresh for much longer, allowing you to enjoy their luscious full bloom for days.


We ship flowers grown by caring hands, directly from eco-friendly greenhouses to your door. Shaping emotions into boxes, bouquets and arrangements of blooms to order, we deliver colorful and grateful bunches of pure affectionate joy.
From the gentleness employed on planting our blooms – the harvesting of stems just for you – to when we show up at your door, GLOBALROSE delivers thoughtful welcoming care. Flowers that keep you company and cheer your space.
Flowers that are natural expression of our bonds, that are the embodiment of the beauty of kindness, in all its forms.

Celebrating kindness across the US since 1999

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[5] Source: Royal Central – Lydia Starbuck, Royal – Wedding Flowers: Queen Victoria
[6] Source: BBC/History – Professor Eric Evans, Overview: Victorian Britain, 1837 – 1901

Author credits: Felipe Arenas, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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Spring Flowers for Your Wedding

Springtime is one of the loveliest times of year to get married. Mother Nature is replacing the drabness of winter with masses of color. Traditionally associated with new beginnings, spring is the best time to get married. The flowers that you could choose now to reflect spring include roses, delphinium, and tulips and lilies.

Tulips are everywhere in spring and come in a variety of colors including white, pink, red, yellow, and purple. A tulip wedding theme will add life to a grand event and make it synonymous to the very season of Spring. They make a wonderful, creative, bright and colored floral décor and can be used for stage or altar decorations, as centerpieces or in table decorations. Globalrose’s Assorted Tulip Flowers are available in groups of 120 flowers in vibrant colors.

Delphiniums are known for their superb original blue color and for their versatile, elegant, sophisticated and simple in the same time look. The Delphinium Volken Assorted 240 Flowers collection includes delphinium flowers with long stems that are topped with a raceme of many flowers. The flowers have five petal like sepals that grow together to form a hollow pocket with a spur at the end. This box contains 240 individual Stems of 22-24” long Delphinium Volken, enough for bouquets, and centerpieces.

The lily is another exquisite flower that comes in a variety of colors, types and styles. This highly versatile flower can be the star of any springtime wedding arrangement or simply sit in the background as el;egant filler. The lily is the epitome of spring with its fun and playful styling, but with an element of refinement you cannot find in another flower. The Oriental Lilies Stargazer 20 Flowers have brilliant crimson colored flowers with pure white edges. Please be sure to carefully remover the pollen from the flower as they can stain. This box contains 20 individual stems ( 3 to 5 blooms) of 26 -28″ long stargazer oriental lilies. Please make sure to set your delivery date 4 days prior to the event to give the flowers enough time to open.

When using a stargazer lily in a centerpiece, it is usually best to use two to three and fill the remaining space with smaller flowers such as white or pink roses and soft white calla lilies. Fill space between the flowers with greenery like calla lily leaves, baby’s breath and ferns. Select your filler flowers to accent the same colors the stargazer lily but are not larger or take away from the sight of the centerpiece flower.

Of course there is always the beautiful rose. Alone, or mixed with lilies, they make stunning pew flowers or alter displays. The Fresh Breeze collection includes 29 flowers in a combination of white roses, bells of Ireland, green ruscus, white Asiatic lilies, cream colored mums and green carnations and pompoms. It includes a vase if you want to use them on the tables as well.

Remember, the perfect wedding begins with the perfect flower. So when deciding on which flowers and roses to convey your feelings, make GlobalRose.com your number one florist! All our flower deliveries come with a double guarantee: absolutely fresh flowers at the very best prices! Just compare and you will see the difference. If you’re you seeking a local florist or an online flower shop we deliver everywhere in the United States and Canada and offer free shipping to those within the continental United States.

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Congratulations! Now it’s Time to Start Planning!


Congratulations! Your Valentine’s Day wishes have come true and you’re engaged. What’s the next step? Find a wedding planner to make those dreams a reality.
Working closely with someone to ensure that you do not forget any of the important details, and to help ease the stress of planning a monumental event like a wedding is no longer simply a luxury for couples with limitless budgets. Whether you decide to work with a Full Service Planner, or a Day-of-Event planner, you will find that having someone orchestrating the day and taking care of the details will leave you to enjoy your big day!

One of the bigger aspects of a wedding that would benefit from help is the floral arrangements. Flowers play an important part of a wedding and they are an essential role in the décor. By adding a touch of beauty they can transform any setting into a magical place. A wholesale flower merchant like Globalrose.com, with its wide range of available fresh flowers, including: roses, lilies, dahlias, gladiola, amaryllis, tulips, daisies, will make your work significantly easier. Your wedding flowers need to be absolutely fresh and of the best quality and at Globalrose.com, that is exactly what you will receive. Globalrose has a selection that is second to none for this very important occasion. Not only will the wedding flowers play an integral part of the décor, they will add to the celebration by providing beauty, emotional strength and most of all joy.

Wherever you decide to say your vows, aisle decor is important and is sometimes overlooked in the excitement of the rest of the planning. Is aisle decor really necessary you may ask? Aisle decor is a beautiful addition to your wedding and will dress up what might be an otherwise austere chapel or sanctuary. The purpose of beautiful aisle decor is not to detract from the bride, but to draw the eye to the front of the venue where it all takes place. Honestly, you didn’t spend all that time and money on that gorgeous dress for no one to look at it, did you?

Aisle decor can be something you attach to the end of the pews if you’re in a church, or to the last chair at the end of each row if you are elsewhere. Inexpensive pew clips can be purchased to slip over chair backs or pews without causing damage to the surface or marring it with sticky tape. The clips can then be used to hold everything from swags of tulle to bouquets of flowers like those you can create from the beautiful flowers at Globalrose like the Mini Calla Lilies Assorted Colors collection. Mini Calla Lilies are energetic and attention-grabbing blooms that will make a statement in their simplicity. Dramatic and playful, they are perfectly sized for aisle flower bouquets. Available in different colors, the box contains 240 stems that are 16″ to 18″ long. Combine them with ribbons and Gypsophila Baby’s Breath and your aisle will lead their eye straight to you.

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Always a Day to Remember!

So you’ve got it all! Candy, cards, an exaggeratedly large stuffed animals, and even a beautiful and thoughtful poem you’ve written yourself and yet still there’s something missing… That’s where we come in! February 14th is just a week away and whether you’re in the United States celebrating Valentine’s Day or in Mexico celebrating Dia del Amor y la Amistad, we have just a bit of advice to give you… Make it a day you and your loved ones will always remember!

And while we’re on the subject of remembering… Valentine’s Day is not only a celebration of romantic love! Try reaching out to someone who wouldn’t expect it this year. Take the opportunity to contact someone that you haven’t spoken to in a while; maybe a friend, or a distant relative. You simply never know who might love being remembered this Valentine’s Day.

Save your money and avoid the poetry if possible, because a lot of times we find that flowers express words and convey emotions or feelings, much better than candy, toys, or written words ever could. Flowers don’t beat around the bush and they don’t mince words! Giving someone a stunning floral gift is a great way to strengthen existing bonds and nurture new ones.

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful holiday, but finding the perfect gift can prove to be difficult if not otherwise costly and time consuming. GlobalRose want you to stay #AbsolutelyFresh through life’s most important moments and it’s why we try to make the process of finding the right gift as easy and as smooth as possible.

From everyone here at the GlobalRose Blog we’d love to wish you all a safe and happy Valentine’s Day! We hope your special day is filled with nothing but joy and love! Don’t forget to reach out to someone special this year, you never know who could use the boost, and to remember to always stay #AbsolutelyFresh!

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Most Popular Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2019

Cupid’s magical arrows worked, and you’re in love. You may have a happy, healthy relationship year round, but there are still plenty of ways (and reasons) to celebrate the one day of the year designated to honor coupledom. And there could be ramifications if you don’t; both men and women still look forward to (and expect) the small and large gestures on Valentine’s Day that demonstrate they are loved and valued by their partner.

Valentines Day Flowers

Maybe you just finished sending holiday sentiments a couple of months earlier, but February 14 is an enormously popular day for exchanging cards. Valentine’s Day cards are second only to Christmas when it comes to giving cards, including those given to a romantic partner and those exchanged between elementary-school classmates. In fact, statistically speaking, the majority of us will give a Valentine’s Day card to someone.

Book early for Valentine’s Day if your beloved has an affinity for the menu or ambiance at a particular restaurant. It’s likely to be crowded. About 44 percent of us will spend the evening dining with a date. The majority of males seem to prefer dinner out for their Valentine’s Day treat.

Don’t forget the candy! A 15th-century Aztec emperor believed that consuming chocolate made him friskier so he could better please his harem. It’s not clear if that’s the reason for our love of bonbons on Valentine’s Day, but heart-shaped boxes of chocolate fly off the shelves this time of year. There’s also the option of the “Be Mine” candy hearts. Today you can find boxes of candy hearts with all kinds of messages to give your partner, as well as those that are more appropriate for friends.

Many women expect to receive flowers from their man on this day and, most commonly, they get red roses by the dozens. But there are other choices, depending on what he wants to say. Flowers and the color of flowers have different meanings, so guys who want to get creative can personalize their delivery. Peach roses or purple lilac, for example, might be a better choice for a newish couple who haven’t quite committed to forever. You can mix and match, too: Consider a combination of red and white roses to the long-term love of your life.

If chocolate, flowers and an elegant meal aren’t quite enough, and you’re ready to say “I do,” Valentine’s Day is a common day for couples to get engaged. It’s also a big day for weddings (which might give wedding guests a good excuse for not planning their own evening out.) More than $2 billion is spent annually on jewelry for this holiday.

However big or small you plan to go on Valentine’s Day, do plan something. A majority (but just a slight majority) of women say they would consider ending a relationship if their man didn’t do something to mark the occasion. That’s bad news for the 64 percent of guys who neglect to plan ahead for the day. Valentine’s Day gestures, from the simple to the extravagant, simply show that a couple appreciates one another and likes to take time to acknowledge it.

Add This Infographic to Your Site
<a href=’http://globalrose.com/’><img src=’http://globalrose.com/graphics/MostPopularGiftsforValentinesDay_IG.jpg’ width=’700′></a><br /><a href=’http://globalrose.com/blog/most-popular-gifts-for-valentines-day/’>Most popular Gifts for Valentine’s Day!</a>

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Why Fresh Flowers are Ideal for Valentine’s Day

If there’s one holiday when a lady loves to receive the gift of fresh, beautiful flowers, it’s Valentine’s Day. Just the thought of romance evokes an image of elegant, long-stemmed red roses, standing regal and tall in a graceful vase. This lets a lady know she is loved and admired.


When you shop GlobalRose, prepare to be amazed at all the many ways you can say, “I Love You!”

While red roses are a popular choice for a Valentine’s Day bouquet, the truth of the matter is, ladies love many a species of flowers! Be bold! Visit our selection of mixed flower arrangements. Our gorgeous Valentine’s Bouquets like True Love, Sentimental Joy, and Supreme Happiness arrangements from GlobalRose arrive at your door artfully arranged in a vase. Choose from a monochromatic look — with pink, purple or red as the primary bouquet color – or choose a bouquet of various hues that will bring instant joy to the recipient. If you wish to surprise someone with long stemmed flowers we have an impressive selection available in a variety of species such as long stemmed Roses, Carnations, and Stargazer Lilies.

Speaking of roses, if it’s roses you really want, GlobalRose offers a breathtaking variety of Roses to choose from, including an eclectic array of brilliant colors and hues. Looking for a way to raise much needed funds for your organization? Sell single, long-stem roses! Purchasing long stemmed roses in either the same color or varying colors, is a delightful and fun way to do just that.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers either! The holidays are a great time for you to show your acknowledge and show your appreciation to the important people in your life. Be it friends and family, neighbors or teachers, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for on our Valentine’s Day Flowers page.

Flowers are a perfectly lovely way to express your love, thanks and appreciation and at GlobalRose, providing you with the freshest and best quality of flowers is our passion! We lovingly grow and maintain our flowers until the day they become yours! Let GlobalRose be your number one online flower shop this Valentine’s Day!


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New Flowers for a New Year!

Blue Roses represent hope for the New Year.

2019 is coming fast and that feeling of freshness, the spontaneity that permeates through the air has returned and in truth, even when we inevitably cross “Go” once again the following year, it never really has to leave. After all, that is a matter of one’s attitude over anything else. Commence the year with something that marks a new beginning, uninhibited perspective, and an openness towards the better.

White Roses symbolize a pure new beginning.

It may seem like a lot, but start with the small changes you wish to make for yourself. Even just subtly changing your surroundings by adding fresh flowers into the mix can have a grand effect and eventually these changes will ultimately lead to the big ones, for there is no large without small. Every bit of effort makes a difference and flowers just might be the healthy bit of “medicine” or if you prefer, “rocket fuel” one might need to propel themselves into the new year and the next.

White Roses symbolize a pure new beginning.

We recommend bright colored hues due to their dramatic appeal and ability to draw the eye, thereby accentuating not only the area of effect in the finest ways, but also by brightening your day as well because honestly who wouldn’t and doesn’t love coming home to or being greeted by fresh flowers upon entering a room? Don’t miss out! Positive and forward changes can have everlasting effects and we hope you get to experience delightful and all the refreshing flowers and many other wonderful things that await you on in 2019!

Green Roses mean “good luck” in the New Year!


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How to Make A Holiday Centerpiece!

Crafting your very own Christmas centerpiece may seem like a daunting task, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re in need of a fresh and innovative idea GlobalRose is here to help with some easy steps you can follow along with so that your dining room table looks #AbsolutelyFestive this Christmas!


First and foremost, select your color palette. This will dictate the entire feeling of the design. For the Christmas, go with the absolute classic red and green!  You can also bring your arrangement to life by adding extra detail, little personal nuances such as sparkly gold-treated branches (which can be purchased at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michael’s) or silvery mistletoe that can be wrapped along the stems of flowers for that extra little festive touch. We also highly recommend experimenting with warmer colored hues such as deep plum purples and resonating golden oranges. and moreover, simple pairings such as white and silver or white and gold are equally as impressive; both pair gracefully with greenery and pine detailing.


That all being said, no Christmas centerpiece would be complete without some well chosen accessories! Whether you choose to go with real candles or electronic ones, there’s no denying their effect! They add a genuine warmness that is both elegant and gentle and if you’ve ever walked into a room lit with candles you’ll know exactly what we mean. The ambiance changes.

Ornaments such as small Christmas tree bulbs and Christmas lights that compliment your desired color scheme are another great way to really dress up your arrangements for the holidays and to make use of any older or unused Christmas decorations.

You may also consider beautiful Christmas ribbons to wrap around your vase, bells that jingle, pine cones, tree branches, or decorative fruit even. Let your imagination run wild and you might just surprise yourself with what you create!


You can choose to spend a little more time on your vase if you wish for a particularly innovative display. An example of this, try lining the outside of a low square vase with candy canes for a sweet touch or a table that has the center lined with mason jars is another friendly idea that is a little more down to earth and kitschy if that suits your taste.


Lastly, we strongly recommend heading over to Pinterest for a plethora of visual inspiration and be sure to check out our selection of Next Day Flowers for all your last minute Christmas floral needs! From everyone here at the GlobalRose Blog we’d like thank you all for reading! We wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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What Really Matters During the Holidays!


“Every piece of the universe, even the tiniest little snow crystal, matters somehow. I have a place in the pattern, and so do you. Thinking of you this holiday season!”     – T.A. Barron

2 for 1 Elegant Christmas Bouquets

With so much going on during the holidays sometimes its easy to miss out on the moments that make the Winter season truly so special. Lost in our obligations, the gifts, the lights, the food, and the festivities, we forget sometimes that the holidays are here for just a brief flicker of time, before the sun  rises again on new year.

3 Dozen Red Roses with Fillers

If but for a moment, during this time we take a pause from our daily lives to soak in the essence of the season. We savor the richness, in hope to remain uncorrupted, it can prove hard to find the time to shut off all the “noise” and just spend time with your family.

Christmas Carnations

As for the aforementioned hustle and bustle or our holiday obligations, GlobalRose would love to help you stay calm this season because we know how daunting, if not even how time consuming decorating and gift giving can be. We have some recommendations that will help make the whole process simple and enjoyable.

New Burgundy Roses!

Try some of these holiday floral pieces we offer for an explosion of cheer that will warm the heart instantly. Our flowers are to be enjoyed by all and we guarantee you will notice the difference most instantly.

New Blue Roses!

Bursting combinations of delightful color speak to our very heart strings and make for merriment like no other! Embrace your natural roots this holiday!


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