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Fall Fun and Flowery Beauty!

Warm glowing colors that make your heart melt? That has to be the definition of Fall… or at least part of it. It is now that we begin to anticipate the holidays to come…especially on Thanksgiving. Holiday flowers play a huge role, of course, and our online flower selection is a prime contender since we carry a great abundance of options along with amazing deals. We hold ourselves with great pride for what we do.

If you are looking to make a lasting impression, whether it be a sweet present or to glam up the vibe for a party venue, there is always the Perfect Flower for the occasion. Do not hesitate to be creative this season! If there is a creative bone that begs for attention, of course. Mix wonderful pine cones and scented paraphernalia in your table top displays to surround or blend with a simple Fall Flower Arrangement.

We recommend a generous mix of colors within the same warm palette so that the eyes have a chance to be entertained by texture and shape. Also, a grand collection of a single flower also makes for quite the sight, as it suggests a grandness whilst in unity!

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Gather Around!

The table is an array of wonder: colors, scents and endless tantalizing visuals. One may lean back into an episode of euphoria as the sensations are over-stimulated until a strange frenzy resembling a heat stroke commands one’s temple. That’s what we think of when we recall a Thanksgiving feast…call us crazy if you wish.

Aesthetics are very important part of the human experience. To paraphrase from chef Eric Ripért: it is important to be excited or enticed by what we see on our plate before us, to nourish us in every aspect. Visuals play a big role in our lives.

Hence, when it comes to flowers, we perhaps address the rulers on this playing field of beauty. They present to us such a phenomenal display, our moods are at once enhanced by their presence…a unique talent, you have got to hand it to them.

Garnish your days with something special and enjoy the impressive power flowers possess in your home or to make someone’s day. It does not matter the reason, they are always appropriate.

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Thanksgiving : Feast Your Eyes

As the date rapidly approaches, GlobalRose is back with even more fabulous floral ideas for you to take and make your own for this upcoming Thanksgiving. Okay, so we’ll happily admit it… The turkey is the obvious star of the show here! Thanksgiving just would not feel right without that savory poultry sitting and steaming center the dining room table waiting to be carved, served, and accompanied by all your favorite classic plates and sides… It all sounds very delicious!

Yet all the rich luxuries this holiday has to offer should not end with just fine cuisine, although that is pretty important, rather, it is in the attention to detail that you will find the sinews of splendor and magnificence. Autumn colors are warm and inviting, so why not embrace the season with flowers that perfectly reflect this illustrious time of the year?

We have all sorts of options that will have you head over heels in love…from golden toned flowers, to shades of oranges, yellows, reds, greens and many more…the colors that capture the essence of the season in a most delightful package of flowers is just a few clicks away. You can enjoy these gorgeous beauties thoroughly for days and days with full confidence since they arrive in bud form, ready to bloom right before you.

Dress up the holidays and your day to day life with something that is a true treat! A feast for the eyes that we’re sure you will be more than pleased…Oh! And did we mention that shipping is free? There’s always something more to be thankful for.

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Halloween Horror Nights!

A dark illumination. The flickering of the light. What could that be? The theatrics of Halloween. Shadows dance upon walls and present the strangest images. That which strikes the deepest cords of fear within us must remain somewhat hidden and exposed just enough to inspire imagination. Some of the first horrors originated in the theatre of, course…in the Grand Guignol.

Founded in the 1800s, the school of art is like no other when it comes to capturing the spirit of fear…perfect for Halloween. Think of great classics like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane with leading actresses Betty Davis and Joan Crawford. Sometimes the most fearsome monsters are merely represented by creatures but are in fact, the gruesome things we are willing to do to each other. The Grand Guignol combines pleasantries with utter gore so that you can constantly feel in a state of unrest…sometimes calm and at other times in shock. For example, you may at first be watching a simple dinner scene with a family for a single three minute play. In this scene, the family will complain about why their other daughter cannot be as financially helpful as their first one, who happens to be a prostitute. Then, it will be followed by another short play that is equally as horrible, but is closer to what we now know as “Horror”, featuring blood and guts. The Grand Guignol, after all, is the original scary and gruesome theater.

If we could capture this terrifying art form in Halloween decor, it would have to be by means of the channeling Halloween spirit. Think a mix of beautiful and shocking and there you have it, a Grand Guignol-esque display. When it comes to flowers, there is perhaps no better medium. Halloween Flower Arrangements provide the perfect opportunity when you combine beautiful fresh flowers (which provide the feeling of sophistication) along with dark black branches, skull detailing, cob webs, and other such fun additions that blend creepy and fabulous seamlessly. Why not have all the fun this Halloween?

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Halloween Holiday Flowers for Festivities!

All the Halloween parties and celebrations are coming and excitement is brewing. What is it about the change of  seasons that gives life to so much anticipation? Every year is essentially the same and yet we all know the underlying sense of expecting the new and revisiting, a different and profound way, the old.

Anyway, no matter what is your Halloween-type taste, we have got some suggestions for a glorious holiday with beautiful decor that will make everyone feel especially festive. There is most certainly something to be said about decorating and we have got what it takes to make the season absolutely exceptional.

Dive into possibilities by embracing the warm orangey and rich colors of fall for Halloween. Your case is often key for adding a fun and spooky element. From the craft store, one can pick up cute Halloween-themed candidates or you may prefer a more classic urn-shaped vase.

Big full orange roses in a funky vase, such as one with spirals or zigzags, instantly add a chic and festive Halloween feel. You can also dress up arrangements by putting fake spider webs (from the craft store) or little creepy crawly things such as plastic spiders, bugs, and whatever else might be seen in a haunted house!

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Illuminate Me: Magical Flowers

Have you you carved your pumpkins yet? You may already have placed your jack-o-lanterns, they could be sitting out on the porch or lawn, ready to glow on all Hallow’s Eve and give your home that extra bit of spooky goodness we all crave much like the candy on October 31st, but have you stopped to consider maybe illuminating your home with some festive flowers? While the rest of your decorations may make your home appear more ghoulish and inviting to those looking to trade in their tricks for treats, why not take the extra step for when the inevitable comes knocking at your door?


Here are some heart-warming recommendations for flowers that will capitalize on the festiveness of fall season. Consider bringing pairing the fiery glow of your freshly carved pumpkins with some frighteningly fabulous arrangement made with with our White Chocolate Roses and some colorful Baby’s Breath flower fillers. These subtle hints and details might be exactly what you need to take your decor from basic to majestic, and is a great and natural way to capture the essence of the holiday season. Flowers can be anything you want. Romantic, magical, and even mysterious. So again we ask, why not take advantage? What are you afraid of?



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Trick or Treat?

Jack-O-Lantern on Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 UpdateGhost on Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 UpdateJack-O-Lantern on Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update

“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.” Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Something wicked this way comes and Halloween is nigh upon us as the fall holiday season commences with sweeping winds and cloudy skies, perfectly setting the tone for all the devilish festivities to come and as you might’ve guest, that means Halloween costumes, decorations, and parties are on the minds of the many.

Bright Orange Miracle Roses

Of course, while this all depends on your personal taste, Halloween is traditionally the time of the year that we choose to celebrate the macabre. Most Halloween decorations and furnishings we’re familiar with are excellent for creating a spooky atmosphere or accentuating the eerie, but let us not forgo beauty and sophistication just for the sake of maintaining this visage of horror. Even Bram Stoker’s the Count Dracula believed in beauty and true love and there’s no reason why your festive affair shouldn’t have air of elegance to it.

Dark Purple Calla Lilies

So if you’re looking for a real treat, never fear, for we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for and you and your loved ones are in for a monstrous surprise with our selection of frighteningly fresh flowers roses!





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The Story of the Rose

Gentle beautiful, flowers are the perfect statement in times of great significance. How graceful and elegant, as is the case when you see her. That trembling fear that embraces you and explodes with trickles of delight that roll down one’s countenance and temple of being. The corporal wonder that is only out shined by what magnificence consumes one’s soul. Had there only been words enough…but I love you…I love you does not satisfy all that dictates your existence, so splendorous around her, so enriched, so much power filling your whole universe.

A desire to disappear, that almost tragic impulse, to disappear so entirely into another until she is no longer an other at all. A hypnotic trance, a yoke that we willingly carry and love until it is part of us for an eternity. Until we are enveloped in blissful union – and yet…were you aware this can never be the case? That this flower has to be revived and tended to – that this satisfaction we seek is an eternal quest. A succulent journey that is a pleasure to go on, repeatedly, until exhaustion consumes one…then, then the whole process can repeat itself and once again the most divine of indulgences may commence.

This is the experience of her, this is what the Story of the Rose, sweet, intricate, and delicate…it is the story of madness. The only madness that makes sense.

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A Flowery Tale: Words to My Rose

Authored by Pilar of Globalrose.com


“If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I’d be picking roses for a lifetime.” – Swedish Proverb

Hot Merengue Roses

The memory of you is one I can never forget. What an impact you have had on me. Although your existence perhaps somewhat influenced by mine, I sense that you remain to some degree, indifferent. Rather that life shall carry on for you in some way and I will be carefully put away in a box, a memento to be glamorized as a thing of the past. But not quite the present…no.

Super Wow Roses

No, was I ever understood in the present? Glorified, we see so much in things gone by and often times fail to embrace what is before us. It is perhaps good that we cannot relive the past, that we can make dreams out of ashes, and make our identities disappear.

Tormenta Roses

Knowingly, you had this grasp on me. I will tell you now that having been enchanted by you was a mysterious pleasure that I treasure. You have taken root in my heart, and it is there, I see, you plan to stay.

Jade Roses

Do we become more significant when we establish ourselves in the hearts of others? Who knows where it all began…and what was most important. This much I do know, though, all was so elevated by that very moment…that moment that you showed me your soul within the petals of a rose.

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Consumed by Beauty : Lost to the Power of a Rose

Have you ever allowed yourself to be overtaken by beauty? A glance over to the side, without having intended to observe anything but rather take note, could be a dangerous thing with a lovely floral arrangement around. Just short of a sort of hypnotism, they may grip you in the most shocking of ways. That is, that they ask of you to stop that which you were doing and thinking in order to contemplate and admire them. Solely.

How unusual that this commodity exists, its profundity quite shocking and yet often unnoticed…as if a flower were an everyday occurrence. Or so it is. But why? Why would we constantly encounter these beautiful object of desire along our daily paths…something so grand amongst the mundane?

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” Emma Goldman

It seems to be the workings of irony itself that beauty would be right under our noses and somehow not valued to the fullest extent of which it deserves. However, why focus all our energy on this single disturbing fact?

Rather, we shall turn our attention to the way that flowers, especial in large clusters…as is how we sell them here at Global Rose, posses the finest power of leaving an impression of utter decadence that is immensely appreciated. Divinity at a glance.

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