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A Flowery Tale: Words To My Rose

The memory of you is one I can never forget. What an impact you have had on me. Although your existence perhaps somewhat influenced by mine, I sense that you remain to some degree, indifferent. Rather that life shall carry on for you in some way and I will be carefully put away in a box, a memento to be glamorized as a thing of the past. But not quite the present…no.

No, was I ever understood in the present? Glorified, we see so much in things gone by and often times fail to embrace what is before us. It is perhaps good that we cannot relive the past, that we can make dreams out of ashes, and make our identities disappear.

Knowingly, you had this grasp on me. I will tell you now that having been enchanted by you was a mysterious pleasure that I treasure. You have taken root in my heart, and it is there, I see, you plan to stay.

Do we become more significant when we establish ourselves in the hearts of others? Who knows where it all began…and what was most important. This much I do know, though, all was so elevated by that very moment…that moment that you showed me your soul within the petals of a rose.

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