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A Whole New World – As Told By A Flower

Softly, I unburden you. Gently, I enhance you. Unbeknownst to you, I cross the border of propriety and distance so swiftly and so silently that you are unable to realize you have been overcome until the usurping has been done. I do not ask you to take the silk, but rather to give me your hand. In contemplation, in the most serene disposition, to be overcome by me is to admit one’s self to a whole new world. A place of such immense profundity, it is hard to anticipate ever ceasing to be seduced by its wonders.

It does not matter to me if you resist, because the quality of what I offer is bound to rule with such subtly that its tender offer is irresistible. Do not look away, enter my path of imagination, my dominion of beauty. The illustrious palace of fantasy, depth, and bewilderment. All that is strange, awe-inspiring, and devouring. A beautiful suggestion, soft courage is all it takes to experience the everlasting promise of my embrace.

I can show you the way, to a place that words only fall short to describe. The paradox of life. Though only a darling bloom, it is you who I wish to consume. My power is beyond the earth, it sits upon that which is the very foundation of your every step. It is all, it is love itself. How closely beauty and love can be related. Such revelations to be discovered in my kingdom of illustriousness and divinity. My invitation stands, waiting for your acceptance.

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