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Adoringly Yours: Some Roses For Someone In Need

Had I a moment to see your visage when you declared that heartless existence to be your name…perhaps things would have been different. The influence of the passion of one’s expression – eyes that cannot be resisted for their truthfulness is unbearable to ignore.

Had I but an opportunity, I would have exposed the sweetest depths of my being to you. I would have given you the aid you required before disintegrating into the finest spec of dust – into non-being. I would have drowned you in kindness so that you may have risen completely transformed and unrecognizable from before. My protégé.

These flowers would have suited you, tender soft petals to combat the scorching misery that incessantly ravages you each night. Your sleep stolen from you as you are in slumber.
What a delicate scent would have done to enrapture you and capture the most profound movements of your heart.

Perhaps they wold have saved you.

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