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Beach Inspired Flowers

What would summer be without a visit or 10 to the beach? Or at least day dreaming about going and enjoying the warmth and waves. We have some suggestions about ways to bring the brightness right into your home from the sandy beach to your bedroom, living room, patio…wherever you want peace and serenity.

There are two things that are great  fun to gather at the beach: sea shells and unique rocks. You might remember doing so as a child…or an adult. Pretty ones are always worth keeping. Some make jewelry out of them, but one other interesting way to utilize these precious aesthetic relics is to use them as filler for clear vases. Vases, glasses, mason jars, either way it is still a delight to look at. You may stop there but if you are willing to take some extra steps for a very bright and cherry atmosphere, some flowers to top it off look gorgeous. Especially summery flowers such as Sunflowers or Daisies. Filling the vase with water adds another interesting dimension to the arrangement as it creates illusions about the rock or sea shell contents depending on the angle.

Enjoy summer fun right in your home, you’ll certainly notice the personality and aura these fun arrangements bring!

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