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Daringly Gorgeous

Bold and beautiful is the statement of this seasons, perhaps even of the New Year to come. Any frequent fashion addict may notice the tendency for colors that are not shy or so called “natural”, in favor of a palette that declares one’s presence and simply put, suggests that there is “a story to be told”.

Have you seen the latest Dior advertisements with Jennifer Lawrence? Her short hair cut and fabulous fuchsia pink lip is fresh, feminine, and flowery whilst simultaneously breaking from the mold of  the “classic” expected aesthetic. In fact, it says so much more. It says that our range of possibilities are so much more than what we see or than what society dictates. Either way, this wonderful and vibrant philosophy is just the thing to adopt in other statements that we make throughout life and with our personal displays.

Think of the crazy and inviting colors that you can use within at-home arrangements. Why merely stop at a lipstick tube or a silk blouse? No, just like with any aesthetic venue, it is always an opportunity to express the many facets of yourself. So go ahead, show them who you really are.

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