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Discovery Day: Flowers for Columbus!

In this day and age, it is reasonable to not necessarily anticipate what everyone knows or remembers why around early October there may be a day off school for the children or some sort of sale at the malls, but even if that may be the case, there is no reason holding us back from remembering and re-discovering it now!

This October 14th is Columbus Day, the reason we commonly call Native Americans “Indians”, and more importantly, it is the day we pay homage to the discover of the New World, America. During this time of year, there all sorts of celebrations including enormous parades. Children learn about the country’s history, the involvement of Spain, the misconception that this land was actually India and a pride for the very thing that has lead to over 200 years of history is cherished.

As is the case with moments of patriotism, it is important to not let these things pass us by. hence we make it a point to enjoy and relish in this freedom supplied by Columbus’ discovery. What colors best mark the moment? We think red, white, and blue of course. Whether you wish to furnish a big celebration or bring some festiveness into your own home…or perhaps for your Discovery Day Barbecue, we have some suggestions that you will absolutely love.

Think of fragrant white lilies that resembled regal trumpets paired with triumphant blue hydrangeas, and warm red daisies. What a combination for success! Proud and distinguished, we should embrace our history and culture, and being that we’re Global Rose, the name suggests we would not have it any other way!

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