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Fall Bride Fantasies: A Floral Wonderland

Ask yourself what is the tale with the most vivid imagery and of a riveting and fantastic nature? It could be many things, but for me, that will have to be Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland. Why, with all the talking animals, flowers, magic potions and tea parties, the colors are almost too colorful to comprehend!

But enough about that, our concern is how to make a wedding as fabulous as a fairytale. First of all, it’s fall time, so lets embrace the beginning of one of the best seasons ever and commence with some festive splendor that pays homage not only to the brilliance of love, but to the excellent choice of holding the ceremony at this time.

Fall colors include warm browns, golds, reds, oranges, yellows, and green. Comfortable, elegant, and beautiful…think of Cinderella’s pumpkin-shaped carriage. That’s right, rolling in high style for your wedding is just the kind of luxury that is required! After all, why not make it as memorable as possible?

We recommend pairing any of these delightful hues in your wedding floral arrangements or bouquets together for a pop of color that will make all the fall foliage jealous. You can be that fall princess that makes everyone sigh with awe, so put on your dress and grab some delightful flowers, these orange roses and ancient green hydrangeas is a great place to start. Daring, they propose a blissful dance for the eyes and go so well against white that there could not be anything fresher.

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