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Flowers and No Bras for Breast Cancer Awareness

It is October and that means, amongst other things, that it is breast cancer awareness month. We want to take part in it, and in case you were not aware and are wondering why the title of the post says “no bras”, today (October 13) is “National No Bra” day. A day intended to raise people’s attention to the growing issue of breast cancer in the hopes that more will be done to prevent it or nip it in the bud, such as performing monthly breast examinations upon one’s self (for the ladies) so that any changes can be easily detected.

Intriguing as the suggestion may be, we can say this much, a peculiar day such as October 13 makes for a lasting impression that may just inspire some people to investigate its nascence and perhaps learn about breast cancer along the way.

Although we often think we are exempt from tragedy, it is important to dispel this ignorance that clouds so many of us and be honest with ourselves. There are many victims and loved ones touched by the terrible finger of breast cancer (amongst other maladies) and taking certain measures can be immensely helpful. For some, it is running a marathon for MS. For others, it may be making a donation to the diabetes research foundation.

If you so choose, for this month of October, pink flowers to keep awareness on the mind is an elegant way to do so. Just as you may have noticed in movies or advertisements where they may used latent ways of grabbing your attention like a Rolex watch on the main actor, colors and other such things have a way of lingering with us. So whatever method you choose, we are happy to help.

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