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Holiday Decorations

If you had the good fortune to be on a vacation this holiday, then you are well aware of the positive vibes being submerged in a new environment can generate. No need to a read book on Feng shui to understand the concept!  Some decorations, seemingly non-pragmatic, speak to the vibrations of our soul.

Likewise, now that the holidays are upon us, it would be appropriate to make some changes accordingly. For example, some meals that include scrumptious carrot or pumpkin recipes, winter treats such as eggnog-flavored tea, and (of course) decor such as pine, statues, or lights. A colorful array enhances are mood, our day, and yes…our life. Think I sound crazy? Why not try it out…

Perhaps you have family coming over or are planning on having some sort of gathering soon. Think of some of these lovely floral options and notice the immediate difference they make. Consider it a grand experiment on how influenced we are by our surroundings.

Luscious reds, greens, and whites make for such breathtaking pieces, we are rather sure that you will be wondering why you had not indulged before! Treat yourself to a delightful experience these holidays.

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