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15 Holiday Wedding Flowers – Celebrate the Winter Season

Weddings during the holidays bring a unique charm. The festive spirit enhances the romance and beauty of such occasions. Choosing the right holiday wedding flowers can transform your venue into a winter wonderland. This article will explore 15 stunning floral options to make your winter wedding magical.

1. Red Roses: A Classic Choice

Red roses, a symbol of enduring love, are a perfect fit for holiday wedding flowers. Their rich, vibrant color embodies the warmth and joy of the season. When used in bouquets, they create a striking contrast against a snowy backdrop, making them ideal for a winter wedding.

Consider pairing them with silver or gold accents for a festive touch. You can also mix them with greenery like pine or holly to emphasize the holiday theme. Red roses are not just visually stunning but also versatile, fitting seamlessly into various wedding styles, from traditional to modern. Their timeless appeal ensures your holiday wedding floral arrangements will look elegant and romantic.


2. Tulips: Classic and Graceful

Tulips are a quintessential choice for holiday wedding flowers, offering classic grace and elegance. These iconic blooms come in a wide range of colors, including deep reds, vibrant purples, and crisp whites. This makes them a versatile option for any winter wedding theme.

Tulips have a clean and sophisticated appearance, lending themselves to both traditional and contemporary wedding styles. In bouquets, their sleek, elongated shape creates a refined and polished look.

For holiday wedding floral arrangements, mixing different colors of tulips can create a visually striking effect. If you pair them with softer greenery, It can highlight their delicate beauty. They’re especially stunning in minimalist arrangements, making a bold yet elegant statement.


3. Hydrangeas: Soft and Romantic

Hydrangeas, with their lush, voluminous blooms, bring a soft and romantic feel to holiday wedding floral arrangements. Their full, rounded shape makes them an excellent choice for creating bouquets with a luxurious feel.

Hydrangeas come in various shades, including white, blue, and pink, allowing for versatility in your color scheme. You can use them as the main flower in a bouquet or combined with other blooms for texture and depth.

Hydrangeas also work well in table centerpieces, adding fullness and a touch of elegance to your wedding decor. For a holiday twist, pair them with seasonal elements like berries or silver foliage.


4. Orchids: Luxurious and Exotic

Orchids are a symbol of luxury and exotic beauty, making them a stunning choice for holiday wedding flowers. They have unique shapes and range of colors, from pure white to deep purples. They add an element of sophistication to any wedding arrangement.

Orchids can be used in various ways, from elegant bouquets to dramatic table centerpieces. They pair beautifully with other luxurious elements like velvet ribbons or crystal accents. It assists in enhancing the opulent feel of your holiday wedding floral designs.

For a winter wedding, consider white or ice blue orchids. It will complement the snowy setting while adding a touch of exotic elegance.


5. Calla Lilies: Sleek and Modern

Calla lilies, known for their sleek and modern appearance, make a sophisticated addition to wedding florals for weddings. Their unique trumpet shape and smooth, curved lines offer a contemporary look that is both elegant and striking.

Calla lilies come in various colors, from classic white to deep purples and vibrant oranges. It allows for their customization to fit your wedding theme. They work well in minimalist bouquets or as statement pieces in larger floral arrangements. For a holiday-themed wedding, pair white calla lilies with red accents or greenery for a festive yet modern look.


6. Peonies: Lush and Lovely

Peonies, with their full, rounded blooms, are a popular and lovely addition to holiday wedding floral designs. Their lush appearance and range of colors, from soft pinks to vibrant reds, make them a versatile choice for winter weddings.

Peonies can be used as the focal point in bouquets, adding a touch of romance and luxury. They also work well in table centerpieces, bringing fullness and a sense of abundance to your wedding decor. For a holiday twist, pair peonies with elements like silver foliage or sparkling accents, enhancing their natural beauty.


7. Baby’s Breath: Whimsical and Light

Baby’s breath, known for its delicate and airy appearance, brings a whimsical and ethereal quality to holiday flowers for weddings. Its tiny white flowers create a cloud-like effect. It makes it perfect for adding a touch of lightness and romance to your wedding decor.

Baby’s Breath works well in both bouquets and as filler in larger arrangements. Thus it complements other flowers without overpowering them. It can also be used to create floral crowns, boutonnieres, or as a decorative element on wedding cakes. For a holiday touch, pair baby’s breath with red or gold accents, embracing the festive spirit of the season.


8. Carnations: Timeless and Versatile

Carnations are a classic choice for holiday wedding flowers due to their timeless beauty and versatility. These flowers come in a wide array of colors, from deep reds and soft pinks to pure whites. It makes them suitable for any wedding color scheme. Their full, ruffled petals add texture and a touch of elegance to bouquets and centerpieces.

Carnations are particularly appealing for a winter wedding as they can withstand cooler temperatures well. When used in holiday wedding floral designs, they can be styled to fit both traditional and modern aesthetics. For a holiday-themed wedding, pairing red and white carnations with greenery creates a festive and joyful ambiance.



9. Alstroemeria: Colorful and Symbolic

Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian Lily, is a colorful and meaningful addition to holiday wedding flowers. These blooms symbolize friendship and devotion, making them a fitting choice for weddings.

Alstroemeria comes in a variety of colors including bright yellows, rich purples, and vibrant pinks. Each of these is capable of adding a pop of color to your floral arrangements. Their long-lasting nature ensures they stay fresh throughout the wedding day.

When included in holiday wedding floral designs, Alstroemeria adds depth and interest, thanks to its multiple blooms on each stem. These flowers work exceptionally well in both bridal bouquets and table centerpieces, complementing other winter blooms or shining on their own.


10. Red Leucadendron Proteas: Exotic and Bold

Red leucadendron proteas are an exotic and bold choice for holiday wedding flowers. These striking blooms are known for their vibrant red color and large, bract-like petals. This is what adds a dramatic flair to any floral arrangement. Their unique, sculptural form makes them a standout feature in bouquets and centerpieces.

It offers a contemporary twist on traditional holiday décor. In holiday wedding floral designs, red leucadendron proteas can be paired with softer, more delicate flowers. It will create a balanced and visually appealing arrangement. They also work well with greenery and natural elements, enhancing their bold and exotic appearance. Thus, red leucadendron proteas adorn bouquets for holiday weddings in December nuptials.


11. White Limonium: Delicate and Airy

White Limonium, also known as Sea Lavender, adds a delicate and airy touch to wedding florals for weddings. Its small, white flowers create a misty, ethereal effect, perfect for softening bouquets. They also add a dreamy quality to the overall floral design.

White Limonium pairs beautifully with a range of flowers, from bold, vibrant blooms to softer, more romantic varieties. In holiday wedding floral arrangements, it can provide a subtle contrast to richer colors. Thus, it plays a role in enhancing the beauty of the other flowers. Its versatility and delicate charm make it a lovely choice for winter weddings, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance.


12. Asters: Dainty and Whimsical

Asters are a delightful addition to holiday wedding floral arrangements, known for their dainty and star-like appearance. These charming flowers come in a range of colors. Colors are soft lavenders, vibrant purples, and crisp whites, making them a versatile choice for winter weddings.

Their small, delicate blooms add a layer of whimsy and texture to bouquets and centerpieces. Asters are particularly effective when mixed with larger, bolder flowers, creating a balanced and visually appealing bouquet. For a festive touch, pair asters with traditional holiday greenery or berry sprigs.


13. Ranunculus: Elegant and Layered

Ranunculus flowers, with their delicately layered petals and elegant form, are a stunning choice for holiday wedding flowers. These blooms offer a sophisticated and romantic feel, ideal for adding a luxurious touch to any wedding.

They are available in a spectrum of colors, from creamy whites to deep reds. In this way, they can beautifully compliment a winter wedding’s color palette. Their soft, round shape makes them a favorite for bridal bouquets. They can stand alone or be mixed with other flowers like roses or peonies for a lush, textured look

In holiday wedding floral arrangements, ranunculus adds depth and intricacy, drawing the eye with their intricate petal structure. They are especially suited for couples seeking a blend of classic elegance and modern sophistication in their wedding florals.


14. Cushion Pom Poms: Cheerful and Festive

Cushion pom poms are a cheerful and festive choice for holiday wedding flowers. Known for their fluffy, round blooms, these flowers bring a joyful and light-hearted element to wedding décor.

They come in various bright colors, including sunny yellows, warm whites, and playful pinks. That’s why they are perfect for adding a pop of color and fun to your arrangements. In holiday wedding floral designs, cushion pom poms work well as fillers. They complement larger blooms and add volume to bouquets and centerpieces.

Their whimsical nature makes them particularly suitable for more casual or playful wedding themes. You can pair them with traditional holiday elements like pinecones or red berries. It will add a unique twist to a classic holiday look.


15. Bells of Ireland: Unique and Lush

Bells of Ireland are a distinctive and lush choice for holiday wedding flowers. They are known for their tall, green, bell-shaped blooms, bringing a unique visual texture and vibrant color to floral arrangements.

These flowers are ideal for adding height and drama to bouquets and centerpieces, creating an eye-catching focal point. Bells of Ireland also symbolize good luck and prosperity, making them a meaningful addition to holiday wedding floral designs.

For a holiday-themed wedding, incorporating Bells of Ireland can add a fresh and lively element. It will contrast beautifully with traditional red and white flowers.



Choosing the right holiday wedding flowers can significantly impact your special day’s look and feel. From classic roses to trendy succulents, each flower brings its unique beauty and charm. Incorporating these flowers into your wedding bouquet Christmas inspired arrangement will bring a unique seasonal touch. Remember to send holiday flowers to your loved ones during this festive season, sharing the joy and love of your special day.

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