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Immortal Love: The Wedding Flower and Beyond

flowerTrue love is the delicate and rare blossom of life. A gift to be blessed with, and something that requires upkeep to be maintained, to thrive and grow. Is it any surprise that we commemorate this rarity with flowers? The rich and beauteous gift of nature, an aesthetic wonder. The promise of what can come from cultivating the tender plant of love. But what is the flower that declares, that yells of this love from the top of its lungs like no other? Ortega y Gasset, the Spanish philosopher, said that when we’re in love, we refuse to imagine a world without the person whom we love. Without his or her existence, life itself is shattered.
Wedding flowers are more than just looks, your ambiance is carried by the choices you make. If picking a flower to represent immortal love, we have done some historic digging to find that any flower of a purple to deep red or burgundy color is highly symbolic of eternity. The unfading quality of true love is something so unique that if there was anything that deserved a celebration, it is undoubtedly it. Have flowers that are beautiful and deep with meaning, because that’s what true love is like. We ensure quality and would not have it any other way on this most important day.

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