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Last Minute Gifts

Last minutes gifts may be the bane everyone’s existence, but just because time is short it down not mean your present has to reflect a certain air of hastiness and urgency. Rather, thoughtfulness is key. The secret to good gift giving is not quantity but quality. Instead of stressing yourself over the task of getting a plethora of things for one to open, just a singular wonderful present will suffice. The French have an expression for this gift-giving philosophy, that being that a present is “something to mark the day”. We do not have to succumb to the merchant’s tyranny of present mania and material obsession.

In fact, a greater appreciation of thoughtfulness is just the kind of thing that connects us with our humanity. If you know someone who has been under a lot of stress, a massage or a spa package is a very considerate present. Along the same lines, fresh flowers are a delightful gift that will have the gifted often greeted with a pleasant feeling due to the naturally cheerful and luxurious ambiance that fresh cut flowers lend themselves to.

So these holidays, we recommend to cut ties with the stressful pressure of materials and simply enjoy yourself and your dear loved ones. You do not need to buy that shirt just to have something to give, go out to dinner together and explore the beautiful decorations of town. After all, these holidays are about appreciating this life and world, so why not?

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