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Strike A Pose: Flower Arrangements Worth Stopping For

stuffIf you happen to know (or be) a creative individual, you may be familiar with that prideful exuberance that comes with your work. And the desire to capture it. For some, it is manifested in taking a photograph of a decadent and beautiful meal. For others, it may be showing how their written work has been published. This pride is nothing to be shameful about, on the contrary, it fuels the very things that make us quite content, creation, beauty that surrounds us, the extent of man’s unique abilities. Have you ever had the pleasure of entering a home or attending event where as you were (presumably) minding your own business you passed a floral arrangement and were stopped in your tracks? The beauty, the unique combination, the overwhelming display. It might have deserved a picture.fsdf

Many of us have this capability to access the very depths of or souls and create something that speaks to us. We use flowers at important events of our lives. Irreplaceable ones. Or for irreplaceable individuals. Weddings, great love or care, friendship, a warm hand, good feelings, sincere gratitude or consolation, the very fabric that makes up all those little “bullet points” we call life for which the rest is time spent in between. With all this opulence of meaning, why not make flower arrangements worth stopping for? We have the supplies, the freshest and healthiest flowers that come with a free delivery. And we have got some ideas too. For example, yellow and red flowers brought together for an arrangement mix two feelings of deep passion and light heartedness associated with friendship and warm feelings. These colors make for a striking and unusual arrangement that has a certain tender morsel of complexity that demands a moment of reflection. Whatever you wish to achieve, we have got all you need.

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