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Summer Elegance: Bursting Blooms

The summer sun is powerful. Yes, no other season takes the credit for bringing gorgeous glowing skin and light-hearted cheeriness. Summer means freedom. The beautiful bright colors everywhere, the laughter, the music. We have all been witness to how making small changes can alter the feeling of a room (and hence our own mood) quite instantaneously. For example, changing the dish washer fluid into a pump is light-years more appealing, visually speaking, of course. That minimal effort allows for an environment that feels more well-kept, lighter, and homey. One of the best ways to bring this comfort into your home or special event is through flowers. But we have a suggestion that works every single time. Phenomenal in any color, building an arrangement around the white hydrangea is utterly chic.

Their spherical shape is regal and in white, they offset anything in the perfect balance of simplicity with an admixture of extravagance. Round is the shape of completeness, and we can guarantee that this is the flower that will make you feel whole. A wonder to look at, try mixing them with the mini white-green variety for something very special that demands a second look. Proud like a lion’s mane, this full bloom is royal amongst flowers, striking in a way that is classic and commanding and has a unique air of its own. The hydrangea is the flower you cannot go wrong with, and so if you are looking to spice up an environment in a way that makes it move subtly (at first) but leaves a long, distinct, and lasting impression, then this is quite possibly the best flower for your needs. We have the resources for you to create whatever illustrious floral ideas you may have in your space. You can be sure we will be there to help every step of the way, there is no better place when it comes to flowers.

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