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A Patriotic Twist: The 4th of July!

“And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;” – Francis Scott Key

You know those “crazy” people who have their homes so perfectly coordinated with the holidays and have such “cute” ideas that make their living spaces so joyful? Let’s just admit it. We envy them. The same goes for slight comments directed at frequent gym-goers. The truth is that our distaste is a thinly veiled reaction: “Why can’t I do that? Why didn’t I think of that. Oh I don’t have the time anyway, those people don’t have lives.” Well, July (and hence Summer) is part of the American patriotic season and if our ancestors could accomplish the liberty symbolized on the 4th of July, we can commemorate it and enjoy ourselves while we’re at it! Make time for those little things you’ve always wanted to do, that’s part of the American dream.

Taking steps to have cute and clever seasonal decor in your house doesn’t have to be complicated. Flowers are a great way to have tasteful accents that really liven up the place! Celebrate the USA (or any blue-red-white flag) with a gorgeous DIY arrangement! It’s very simple. Get yourself a vase you love, one great option is a blue-tinted vase, perhaps short and square if you want to have a big “clustered” look of an arrangement. Then, grab some flowers that are reminiscent of “bursting bombs”: peonies and hydrangeas! Our tinted hydrangea selection makes playing with color extra fun. What a great activity to involve children in…healthier than baking cookies together too. You can also add gorgeous roses with enormous blooms as well as lilies for an especially fragrant touch. Be as creative you want and blend all sorts of blue, white, and red flowers – you may also want to include a green filler.

Going the extra step of adding interior cheer to your home is certainly worth it, and you can make something truly fresh and innovative. We have a fun selection for you to pick from, reasonable prices, and free shipping in order to make it all possible. Do what you always thought you couldn’t do. Please don’t forget to send us a picture!

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