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The Art of Roses

You may or may have not heard of something called The Art of Manliness which is website as well as book dedicated to teaching “manly” etiquette from mannerisms to behavioral habits that are, at least within some established time frame, to be considered essential or at any rate typical characteristics of gentlemen.

Of course, how could we isolate the behaviors without acknowledging that such a guide would be incomplete without paying a certain attention to the relations between the sexes. No matter how it has evolved over time, there are some things we can agree on such as that the preciousness of women and that they deserve a treatment that enhances this quality such as pulling out her hair.

Well, almost needless to say, flowers have often played a role in romantic courtship and there is no coincidence in that. After all, is there anything truly as aesthetically luscious and compelling as the rose? We think not. Flowers speak words that leave quite the enduring impression.

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