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The Birth of the Carnation: Mother’s Day and More

Carnations are one of the most beheld flowers of the world. Cultivated for over 2,000 years, they have been a source of floral delight since their discovery, their popularity has exceeded that of the roses in many of its places of acclaim. But popular favor aside, many people do not know the extensive history of this glorious flower.

These succulent blooms were used for celebrations of the ancients to commemorate their gods. In certain parts of Asia, they are used to determine the future of young girls by placing three carnations in the hair and predicting a certain outcome depending on which flower perishes first.

The earliest sorts of carnations were of pink and peachy colors. Some say that the pink carnation was created when during the time of Jesus’s preparation to be nailed upon the cross, Mary wept and as her tears were absorbed by the ground, the seed of the carnation was planted. This story further propels the meaning carnations can hold for a mother’s undying love. They were also proclaimed the official mother’s day flower by the holiday’s founder Anna Jarvis. Ms. Jarvis’ own mother had favored these ruffled blooms.

No matter which message you wish to communicate, carnations are ideal because every color means something different. In the language of flowers, carnations have the most extensive voices. Beautiful ones at that, which creates an eager audience that is more than willing to listen.

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