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The Flower of Freedom

The red carnation has a fascinating history that is rich with meaning. Known at times to be “flower of the gods” or “the flower of love”, this historic flower is more than its reputation of beauty and long-lasting durability proclaims. Carnations of a deep red and passionate color are the ones which we shall address today. A flower of transcendental sentiments and quality, use this bloom with a beautiful story in mind.

In Portugal, the 25 of April is known as the Carnation Revolution which is associated to when Portugal withdrew from its colonies in Africa. Yet what is remarkable about this day is that absolutely no blood was shed, no fires shot. Instead, the youthful soldiers put red carnations in the mouths of their rifles and on the uniforms of those in the army. This flower-involved revolution spoke of the exuberance and hope that flourishes in youth and that we sometimes forget to carry into old age.

The search for a better world with a peaceful approach is something that belongs to youth, but should not left there. Carnations are part of a much grander picture. Like a family relic that has more significance merely by its withstanding years of ancestry and generations, the red carnation should be looked upon with eyes of familiarity and acknowledgement of their ancient gravity. We make it a point to know and love the story of our flowers and avoid the notoriously jaded or inauthentic attitude of merchants. Life is precious, commemorate it with flowers that communicate that same substance.

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