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The Meaning of A Rose

“So too the rose! Each Flower grows in a prison! In the aesthetic point of view freedom is formless.”

-Salvador Dalí, The Secret Life of Salvador Dali 

Something that often goes unnoticed in gifting flowers is the extent to which their meaning goes and the power of this simple gift. We know there is gravity, we sense it, but we do not appropriately comprehend it. This exists in love too. To know the purity of feeling possible with someone, how irreplaceable someone is, and to still not appreciate it, to not let yourself be fully realized in the other. When this happens, we take the person or in the case of the flower, the rose, for granted and miss the given opportunity to reach points of pleasure that may have passed us by for an eternity. What is there to change? Sometimes its the flower or person, but most of the time it is ourselves.

What does this incapacity to appreciate indicate? Why, it is the prison we create for ourselves. The “protection” that denies us so much raw world that we incapacitate ourselves and drown in a sea of indifference. What is the meaning of a rose? When you give a rose, surround yourself with the ultimate of flowers, you bear the symbol of freedom. Freedom from all sorts of oppression but especially the one we inflict upon ourselves that prevents us from living. The expanse of bloom, each petal is a significant moment for our minds to dance and linger upon, to absorb in sensual ecstasy. Yes, flowers are gift of sensuality for they touch nearly every point. If you allow them, they will transport your mind and day to new heights. We do admit that it’s difficult to ignore our particular roses, which have received tender care and are bound to open up in glorious aromatic bloom. Just know that when you consider flowers, you are also making a step towards enjoying a fuller life, and in that war, there can never be enough soldiers.

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