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The Most Classic Rose

This is a grand debate that one might shudder to think when it actually ends…because there are perhaps only two grand contenders for this questions: what is the most classic rose? Now, we are not going to get into types of roses because, frankly, that is probably better saved for true flower connoisseurs and garden aficionados who know different breeds and their varieties…rather…we are going to tackle the question of color.

Why is it relevant? Well if you are perhaps considering what rose would be best for a monochromatic display and are in search of Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece Ideas, color becomes an object. On this subject we have two clarifications to make, and both require a quick dip in history.

The first one is that the red rose is going to be the one that communicates passion, and, if classic to you means antique, then maybe go with red! Why? Because the romans red dress used to be red for the vibrancy of love and passion.

The second is that white is what is classic nowadays. If you wish to go for a “flawless” and ethereal” feel, then the white rose is definitely for you. White wedding dresses became the custom with the development of christianity and thoughts regarding purity and the sacredness of the martial contract.

Either message supports your journey of undying love, so it’s up to you what color rose is more classic. Red or white?

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