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The Powerful Presence of a Peony

Fluffy and with a high petal count that flows like the most decadent of  puffed-up dresses, the peony is a flower with an ancient acclaim that has been cultivated for thousand upon thousands of years. Understood as the flower of prosperity and great fortune, these blooms have been adding ornamental value to gardens for ages. Known as a rose of sorts by some, it is easy to find their beauty captured in many artistic venues.

Yet they were not only praised for their beauty, they have been used for medicinal purposes since before they graced gardens. In fact, the name “peony” is inspired by the physician of the ancient Greek gods, Paian. This plant is named by him after the episode in which he used it to cure Hercules, god of the underworld, after he had been wounded by Hercules.

These flowers have also been quite famous in China for such purposes and even have an interesting story behind them regarding the Tang dynasty. Apparently they were the only flowers that refused to listen to the demands of the Empress Wu Zetian and bloom in the winter. Due to their defiance, she demanded they be uprooted from the imperial gardens as well as from all gardens in the capital city.

Despite such a violent attack of  murder on their kind, peonies have survived as a race for they forever endure in the hearts of their enchanted observers. Bring these flowers, enriched with historical background and having witnessed so much of the trials, tribulations, romances and celebrations of humanity into your life as well.

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