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The Red Wedding: Bridal Bouquets

redSome people may be thinking that a red wedding can only pertain to the popular penultimate episode of Game Of Thrones’ third season, but red weddings are, in fact, a far more ancient tradition. Red? Yes, blood red. Red over any other color, especially white. You may be calling us crazy, but give the idea a moment of consideration. Why are white dresses the standard of weddings? A time of virginal purity being upheld, the serenity and perfection of white. White, which is not a color at all but the collection of all the colors of the spectrum. But it wasn’t always this way. All you need to do is go back to the days of Ancient Rome for a decadently red wedding.red2

Romans wore red wedding dresses because red is the color of passion, fire, and love. Burning romance was the value upheld over “white” purity. Not that you have to choose. But why settle for representing one symbolic face of marriage? Is not romance equally important? Commence your wedding with all the layers of complexity that life and relationships themselves contain, incorporate some vibrant reds in your wedding flowers! Declare love in the loudest of voices and blend ancient traditions into a swirl of rich meaning. The contract of marriage, being a most beautiful arrangement, should be given the upmost importance and care on this day. So plan carefully. We have some lovely suggestions. Whether it be red roses, carnations, or peonies, we have got your rich colors covered!

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