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The Religion Of The Rose

In some religious studies, there has been correlated a difference amongst the methods that religions hold together their faithful and what is, as a consequence, the most effective. We have discovered that this varies to great extents but whatever it may be, keep in mind that certain approaches are time and time again…infallible.

Designed by perfection itself, the rose has a way of communicating the most profound of messages whilst still maintaining the image of softness because it is never forceful. Rather, it is seductive. What the rose proposes is something dangerous, as its thorns indicate, but entirely worth it for it is bound together in the most mysterious of ways.

This prize at the end of the long and elegant stem is mesmerizing and commanding of one’s attention, but does so effortlessly. This is key to its daring nature and why it is so alluring, how it but only beauty she proposes, and her petals the alter upon which we worship.

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