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The Rose Study

Every now and then a school such as Duke University may participate in several analyses of the brain and human behavior that is absolutely fascinating. Anything ranging from powers of the mind that blend into manipulations of our physical surroundings to the inflections of one’s mood.

The many possibilities of humanity can have one sitting in awe and we are happy to say that it is actually quite simple to make a positive influence on one’s day…on one’s mood through the use of flowers. Perhaps not study or statistic is really all that needed to prove the power that a decadent bouquet has over someone…but it is so remarkable, it is worth mentioning!

Suddenly, the ordinary becomes sumptuous in the presence of these floral adornments that perpetuate freshness, liveliness, and beauty in such way that is not possible from any other medium except perhaps the radiance of a stunning woman.

Yet gifting flowers is certainly more appropriate, so we recommend considering them next time you really want to make a statement.

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