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Time To Deliver: To Flowers

Fasciated by the inherent mystery, the hushed, hypnotic, and murmured tones of prayer and religion have left us with a culture sensitive to deliverance…with certain tendencies when one feels the need to stop and ask for help. Wherever it may need to come from.

Words gain connotations over time that strike a particular chord in one’s mind upon hearing them. Hence today we contemplate deliverance and its many facets. Deliverance, often used when considering a negative influence and the need for a positive and hopeful one.

To this we have the infallible answer of flowers as deliverance from whatever negative towards beauty, hope, and freshness. Just upon entering a room you may feel the dramatic effect that fresh cut flowers holds.

Unlike any other commodity, these blooms are elegant and speak of culture, tradition, and art. Springing forth with life, one is affected by their positive influence undoubtedly.

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