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Travel Through with Blooms

Culture, a word of heavy significance for it has a place in any society…a not of distinction always participates in what is “culture”. That which is extraordinary and yet bound to a certain pattern of particularity, a strange dichotomy of sorts that is the defining nature of a group.

Yet it is in this word we find some of the most noble aspirations that elevate one’s person to a purified understanding of humanity, such as is possible in research like at the Library of Congress. Either way, culture speaks of the profound strokes of man’s development. With this in mind, how could one resist delving into it? Such allure is surely bound to yield immense benefits.

One interesting thing to do when examining cultures is to see how each one treat one certain thing…for example, table manners and ideas of what is appropriate when dining may vary to the point of extremes.

Likewise, consider the color of a flower as something that may be received differently depending on the culture. Such as how purple carnations, in France, are considered a flower popular for giving one’s condolence regarding the death of a loved one. Your intention may always be conveyed in the language of flowers!

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