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Using Candles In Table Centerpieces

The flickering mystique of romance, that glimmer in her eyes. What if you could capture mystery itself, that intricate twirl, the stroke in the painting that gives it a tint of something deeper, something profound that has yet to be discovered. Allow your vases to glow and your flowers have a little bit more mood lighting to shine upon them as they fulfill their natural role as centers of attention: add the spot light of candles. There are many ways to implement the use of candles and have a little more pizazz in your floral arrangement.

You mary group candles of various heights and have a garland of flowers surround them at their feet. Many flowers will do, for example a delicious mixture of roses and calla lilies will create quite the awe-inspiring effect. You may also choose to have several votive candles surround a tall table centerpiece. Hydrangeas make an excellent companion as their ball-like bloom is a bursting surprise to a long and elegant vase. The candles will only add more of a glow!

Our final suggestion is to hang candles from your table-centerpiece, an adorable display that suggests the livelihood of the flowers (the real show). Do not forget to include smaller candles around and perhaps even other mini-table centerpieces to surround, as if in worship of the main one, all paying homage to the beauty of flowers. A glamourous arrangement that will have guests in a daze of wonder!

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