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Valentine Roses

Valentine roses

As valentine’s day approaches, many husbands and wives get ready to celebrate this day of love with each other, often with a good meal, a little too much wine and the sending of Valentine roses to say how they really feel for each other. No matter how many times routine is practiced and carried out, neither of them will get bored of it as it is an expression of love and a very enjoyable day for both.

Roses are a great way of saying how person feels for another person. Unlike going on dates to fancy restaurants and a night at the movies, intentions and meanings behind roses are very clear — they are a simple expression that the person giving the flower has a lot of feelings for the person receiving the flower.

Roses have been around since the dawning of man possibly even longer. There are many stories that roses are featured in, and most of the time the roses a symbolic part in the story. One such tale involves Cleopatra who scattered her room with roses and rose petals on the night that her lover Mark Anthony was due to come over. The idea behind this action was to make sure that every time he smelt a rose he would always think of Cleopatra, and this apparently worked as he was wild for her from then on.

Roses are thought to have some mystical power that induces love and feelings in those who smell them. Rose petals are often scattered around hotel rooms and in places where the mood is supposed to be one of love and romance, and a deep crimson of roses can sometimes suggest eroticism and sex. Roses were shown as a more sexy side of the female persona in the recent film American Beauty where the female lead was imagined to be covered in rose petals as a signifier of his sexual desires to be with her.

The fact is that roses are a really nice gift to be given. One of the best ways to receive a bunch of flowers is in front of others, for the sheer pleasure of knowing that they are jealous. Some women claim that they are not interested in receiving flowers, and that they think this is a waste of money that could be better spent on something that lasts longer or can be enjoyed more, but this is a complete lie, as many women can think of nothing better than being presented with a beautiful rich bouquet in front of their work colleagues and friends in order to make them jealous. Roses also look beautiful around the home and can be used to brighten up any room both with the color of the flower and also the scent that is emitted from the leaves and petals. Roses make an excellent gift for anybody needs a little cheering up or reassurance of how people think about them, and they can truly work wonders on a person’s heart and soul.

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