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Vegan Halloween

Going vegan is not an easy task. We are referring to an entirely vegan lifestyle. Down to the shoes on you feet. Living a life of compassion requires a lot more effort than one may initially realize. Mostly because animal-byproduct is lurking everywhere. In our soap, in our clothing, in the testing of beauty products. It goes beyond what is on your plate.

This is normal for us, but for those of you looking for a vegan-friendly costume, why not evoke the very Earth that can sustain our existence? It does not matte what “kind” of person you are, personally, the labels are an unnecessary burden that we rather not bother with. This is about what message you wish to reflect and perpetuate. This is about the statement you wish to deliver to the world.

This Halloween, we are supplying the very materials to energize and invigorate your celebration. Halloween was not traditionally as spooky and haunted as now know it to be. For a return to the holiday’s true roots, its about being whimsical and being human in the sincerest and most illuminating sense: a rare privilege of our existence.

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