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What A Flower Can Do

Darling flower of blissful exuberance, how you delight every fiber of my being. The core of existence itself held within the delicate bound of your petals, their expanse a wonder of the world itself. Enormous pleasure to behold and be in the sweet aromatic presence of. How did I pass my days without you?

Had I but singular purpose to my livelihood it would be to honor your beauty, the way in which you display your splendor. Deserving of all the pride in the world, and yet so humble as you look back in quiet solitude.

Perhaps you hold secrets all too profound. Who knows if you have been enjoyed properly, your richness absorbed by every moment a lucky observer may be given the chance to gaze upon you. Yet you are the best kept secret of this world. Known by all, all too known that we often forget that which we already know.

I shall not forget your influence upon my heart. How filled with a delicious joy every time I may glance at your magnificence. What moves me so entirely is like the revolutions of this world. I am transported to another universe.

Or perhaps it is this universe that I can finally see, graced by your presence, a shred of reality shivering naked and grabbed by your fine guidance – as we often say in love, I was blind before you. Having been so lost, only to be found by the most beauteous of mediums.

Treasured for an eternity, you, flower of ambrosiatic euphoria, are what every human has been looking for. If only we all learned to stop and embrace your wisdom. The fragrant twist that you make, in a vine, around my heart. Perfuming the air until I am drunk with passion.

So intoxicated yet clear minded at the same time, I had never expected this. The things that a flower can do.

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