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What are personal wedding flowers?


Flowers not only add and brighten any occasion, when it comes to weddings, they are that layer of detail that brings together any imaginable set-up for the big day. From the spur-of-the-moment to years-in-the-making weeklong affaires, from the no-frills to the most bodacious of nuptials, flowers will add light, texture and color to everything the day of your wedding. They are the finishing touch, and what ties everything up to make of your wedding as unique as the bond you and your loving partner will celebrate that day.

THE TRIED & TRUE ABOUT PERSONAL WEDDING FLOWERS the tried & true about personal wedding flowers Bella Michele Milo

Starting with the bridal bouquet, these kind of floral arrangements expand onto other parties, guests included. Here is list of personal wedding flower arrangements to get you started:

  • Bridal Bouquet: A scepter of sorts, besides the wedding gown, no other single item or accessory will be so uniquely eloquent about the bride's personality, sense of style and taste, nor will be as much part of the motions that will carry her throughout, and the memories that will be made on the most magical of days. It is nor uncommon for brides to wear other floral accessories such as hair garlands and corsages too.
  • the tried & true about personal wedding flowers Globalrose

  • Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid Bouquets and Corsages: Toned down versions of the Bridal Bouquet, these are to complement, accessorize, the maid of honor and bridesmaids dresses. They too might wear corsages on their wrists.
  • the tried & true about personal wedding flowers Carmen Ozoria Rivera

  • Groom, Best Man, Groomsmen, Ring Bearers and Offciant and Boutonnieres: To be worn on lapels they identify the groom and his entourage.
  • the tried & true about personal wedding flowers Globalrose

  • Flower Girl Head Garlands and Corsages: Flower girls strew petals on the bride’s path to the altar and often wear floral garlands or corsages on their wrists.
  • the tried & true about personal wedding flowers Stefanie Elizabeth Calloway

  • Single stem flowers for family and guests: It is always a beautiful idea to give flowers to family and even guests. These can be single stem flowers.
  • the tried & true about personal wedding flowers Stacy Strong SO, WHAT DOES THE FLOWERS GUY HAVE TO SAY ABOUT PERSONAL WEDDING FLOWERS?

    Think about wedding photos, of pictures of the most sumptuous (absent of nothing) wedding… except for flowers. Try to picture that for a moment if you will: stills of the bride in full gown without a bridal bouquet to hold-on-to, of bridesmaids in beautiful matching color dresses yet absent of any sort of floral detail at their hand or wrist, of flower girls, without flowers … eerie.

    Now imagine any setting: house of worship, city hall, wedding chapel, public park, neighborhood bar or highway dive, and add a bridal bouquet to the still of the bride, nosegays or corsages on bridesmaids hands or wrists, boutonnieres on groom and groomsmen lapels, a hair garland for the flower girl and some single stem blooms for family and friends and you’ll come to realize… it’s a wedding.

    Though the only thing that you really need to get married is an able and willing other, a license and an officiant, [1] flowers are the layer of detail that brings together any imaginable set-up the day of your wedding (personal flowers suffice.).

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    Citations & Links:

    [1] See: U.S. Marriage Laws

    Ask the flower guy ( flowersguy@globalrose.com ) for a different angle on everything flowers and blooms.