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What are the best wedding flowers (on a budget)?


Which are the best wedding flowers (on a budget) Globalrose

Getting engaged is most likely one of the happiest moments in anybody’s life. The aftermath as well, enjoying that special time of blissful elation, sharing with relatives and friends on the news of a love worthy of a lifelong partnership. Until you realize that you have a wedding to plan for and a budget to work out. One, that regardless of what it might add-up to, will with good reason be the right size of both the most memorable and priciest of celebrations.

For some, the simple act of planning and budgeting for such and event might even feel like going through the five stages of grief. Jokes aside though, going through the process is many times stressful for couples and families alike, yet well worth the effort for at the end of it all, weddings are the most magical of celebrations. And regardless of your budget, yours will be too. And flowers will play a huge part in making it so.

THE TRIED & TRUE ABOUT SHOPPING FOR WEDDING FLOWERS ON A BUDGET How can I maximize my wedding flowers budget?

General consensus appears to be that anything between eight and twelve percent of your overall wedding budget should be used in flowers. By that measure any setting can be richly decorated with flowers, depending on the theme and atmosphere though, there are ways by which to allocate your floral budget that will afford your wedding the extra coat of meaning and luster that only flowers deliver. Here are a few ways to make your floral budget bloom:


There is a flower type that makes for stunning bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, for elegant and discreet groom and groomsmen boutonnieres, for astounding ceremony and celebration arrangements, and is so versatile, that can be arranged in many less-traditional ways for the day of your wedding.

One that fills the space and comes in whites and creams, in shaded and multicolored, in solid and striking; in the widest possible color palette of any other flower type. In petal plenty large blooms as well as smaller buds that sprout in numbers from single stems and sit perfectly among other flowers, fillers and greens.

So, what does the flowers guy have to say about which are the best wedding flowers (on a bouquet) Globalrose

Is always in season, holds its freshness and poise in any weather and by any measure, is the perfect wedding flower. Yet is permanently scoffed as such because (are you ready?) its price. Really. So inexpensive, that they cost a third of what you would pay for roses and – get this, – a seventh of what you would for peonies.

So, what does the flowers guy have to say about which are the best wedding flowers (on a bouquet) Globalrose

Which flower type is this? You may ask… well (drum roll) it’s a flower that is the most familiar of all: carnations. And come think about it, the best wedding flower (on a budget) of them all.

So, what does the flowers guy have to say about which are the best wedding flowers (on a bouquet) Globalrose

Looking for stylish carnations (and affordable wedding flowers)? Follow the links below for additional info and wholesale prices (on every order):

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