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What flowers to give on the tenth (tin) wedding anniversary?


Leaning on the sturdiness and strength, the malleability of aluminum (tin), is that the tenth wedding anniversary, or Tin Anniversary [1] is symbolic of how the wedded couple has navigated the first stage of marriage successfully, and so is now a story of both having remained and grown in strength by remaining malleable through the test of life's most difficult and humbling of challenges.

About how in the ten years since getting married, the couple has tested its partnership through good and bad, and looking forward there is not much that they need to prove to themselves or others in order to make the best out of the love they share and the time in front of them, for there is still plenty of room to grow and learn, enjoy, about life and each other.


When presenting others with gifts, it’s always a great idea to show them how mindful you are, about not only the nuance and meaning of the celebration taking place, but about who they are and how they vibrate, about how you feel about them. Wedding anniversaries are as much about looking back and celebrating the time together, the growing and learning, the shared stories, the great (and not so great,) as it is about the strength of the bond between the couple and how it becomes stronger and stronger for each year that passes.

Building on that premise is that anniversaries get their names after materials of different strength and value, is that the greater the anniversary number, the grater the strength or value of the material from which they get their name from. [2] Materials are not the only symbols to represent wedding anniversaries though, for these are also associated with different flowers and colors. When giving flowers though, it is always useful to lean on their rich symbolism, for with flowers you can truly say it all.

What flower symbolizes the tenth wedding anniversary?

  • Daffodils or otherwise know as Narcissus or Spring Lilies (for heir association with the season) are the flowers of tenth wedding anniversaries. [3]
  • What flower symbolizes the tenth wedding anniversary? Globalrose What are other auspicious colors and blooms to celebrate tenth wedding anniversaries? [4]

  • Blue, or Silver are auspicious colors for couples celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. When thinking of gifting flowers to mark the occasion, any bloom in blue, will make wonderful gifts to mark the occasion too.
  • What are other auspicious colors and blooms to celebrate tenth wedding anniversary? Globalrose SO, WHAT DOES THE FLOWERS GUY HAVE TO SAY ABOUT WHAT FLOWERS TO GIVE ON THE TENTH (TIN) WEDDING ANNIVERSARY?

    For your tenth wedding anniversary, its time to not only celebrate but to take a breather too, for statistics will show that 32% of couples would have had divorced by now, but not you. [5] You’ve been through a lot and it’s easy to say that ten years between weeding and anniversary are enough of a milestone to know that you are over the hill and no longer with something to prove.

    One to take stock, acknowledge and take to heart the lessons learned, to remain flexible for even if tested there are still many years in front of you. So maybe its time to put some reminders of years past in a tin box, to remind yourselves about all of what you’ve been trough. To put it away and looking upwards to the sky, be thankful for your partnership and give yourselves of flowers in blue.

    For your love has been tested and you now know, it is and will remain true.

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