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Why give strangers flowers on valentine's day?

Why give strangers flowers on valentine's day Globalrose

Love born out of selflessness or unselfish concern for the welfare of others, out of cooperative intentions (or altruism) is closely associated with a number of benefits. In the short term it can boost of sense of self worth and in the longer term it is conducive to better mental and physical health as well as overall longevity. More generally and so at a social level, altruism helps to build and maintain the psychological, social, and, indeed, environmental fabric that shields, sustains, and enriches us. [1]


The undeniable beauty and rich symbolism of flowers speak for a large spectrum of human emotions with a degree of precision and nuance that no other medium can, [2] and so for love that speaks not only of playfulness and romance, but for strangers and for which there are flower plenty fun options too.

Which flower types and colors best express love for strangers?

  • Carnations
  • The most popular and versatile of flowers, they stand in beauty against any other type they are also less costly. You can give carnations to your wife, girlfriend, mother, partner, friend, coworker, or whomever you want to give flowers to.

    Which flower types and colors best express love for strangers? Globalrose SO, WHAT DOES THE FLOWERS GUY HAVE TO SAY ABOUT WHY GIVE STRANGERS FLOWERS ON VALENTINE'S DAY?

    As the days get longer and the fields sprout to life with colorful blooms, as the winter blues start to fade, we once more enliven with a renewed sense of hope and bounty; and so too comes Valentine's Day, when we celebrate the madness brought by romantic love. [3] By overly preoccupying ourselves with playfulness and romance though, we risk neglecting other types of love that especially in the long term, may be more healing and fulfilling, like the kind of love that can be offered selflessly and out of feelings of altruism for others for example.

    Why not let the world know about your love for others, including strangers, on Valentine's Day then?.

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