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Choosing Roses That Reflect Your Love Story

Are you planning on brightening your lover’s day? What could be better than the king of romantic gestures- Roses? Your search for the best Valentine’s Day flowers for her stops, the moment you decide to gift romantic roses for her. Whether you are dating, married, engaged, or simply on the talking stage, putting a smile on the special one’s face would never go wrong. This would be a gesture of appreciation that the beautiful flower reminded you of them.

Here is a complete guide to love roses for her before you visit the florist. It will help you make your choice wisely and considerate, and enhance the already passionate deed. Learn why roses are your best pick, how you should choose the flowers, and which is the best way to send rose flowers for her.

How to make her smile with Roses?

The most important aspect of doing something for your lover is knowing what they likes, which color of the rose she likes the most, and what else can you pair up with those blooms to make it more special. The purpose and occasion also serve as essential factors when sending gifts to someone. Now peak a glance at the instructions while Choosing Roses That Reflect Your Love Story.

Send a Large Bouquet

The bigger the bouquet the more love it demonstrates, so when you purchase the bunch with the amount of love in your heart for her. Choose bulk roses for a bouquet, arranged in a packed wrapper that compliments the colors. The number of flowers or the bouquets may also help you represent the occasion for which you are gifting the flowers, such as if you are celebrating your 5th anniversary, you could gift her 5 bouquets. You can also send these large bouquets at different time intervals to make it surprisingly interesting and put a smile on her face every few hours of the day.

Pair it Up with Champagne

Intense your romance with some champagne. Whether you are sending the flowers or bringing them to her yourself, adding a little bit of sparkling wine could make it even more special. The gracious champagne can add to the representation of love and tenderness, with the flowers. Moreover, pairing your rose bouquet with a bottle of champagne can symbolize luxury and aspiration. It can win the heart of your crush and make her consider you as a gentleman. For a candlelight dinner date, romantic roses for her bouquet with champagne can enhance your experience.

Chocolate Color Code with Roses

Ask your “amore” about her favorite chocolate in a conversational way and surprise her with a bunch of red roses and her most loved confectionary. Dark brown chocolate can compliment your bright red roses. It is also considered an act of love when you present someone with edible items, even better if it is sweet. Birthday Roses go best with the sweets. So, if you are celebrating “Her” birthday, this combo can be your lifesaver and make her remember this move for life. Every time she smells those roses or eats the chocolate she would think about you.

Send her Favorite Color Rose

Even though red roses are the symbol of passionate romance, they can be too extra sometimes. Especially, during the initial stage of the relationship and dating phase, or if your girlfriend does not like the color in particular. If you know her favorite color and if the rose is available in the shade, then try to get her the same colored flower. The best thing about roses is that they come in various hues. You have yellow roses, white roses, purple roses, pink roses, and even blue and black ones. Gift her the best love flowers of her choice.

Supplement It With Other Flowers

Too much rose could be a little too much! Why not add some baby’s breath and lavender to give it an extra touch? This can help you balance out the red and make it look a bit less tacky. Moreover, you can add flowers that she likes and make it more customized, so it demonstrates your efforts. If you really like the person you must take some time and sit with the florist to select and prepare a bouquet that is especially meant for your lover. Make it look like she has never seen it before. Ask the maker to add some greens and fresh flowers, and ensure all the blooms are fresh.

Add Your Love Letter

Do you know what would actually make her swoon with affection for you? A love letter with those bright and beautiful roses. Put your thoughts onto paper, and place them on the romantic roses for her. If your handwriting is good, try to write it with a pen on a card, instead of typing it. Girls love expressive gestures. So, when she reads you display your heart out in front of her she will never forget how you made her feel. The fragrance may be gone and roses may wither after a while but she will always remember that you wrote her something so special, indeed reminding her of those lovely flowers.

Select the Bouquet Carefully

Choosing Roses That Reflect Your Love Story is not a simple task. So, sit down, think hard, and note down! The days in your relationship were extremely special for both of you. A season, a color, a smell, or a place. Decide on the bouquet that represents your affection for her in the most direct way. Romantic roses for her that you send or give in person should be a true reflection of your tale, not something you just picked while walking by the neighborhood. It should show that those pretty flowers reminded you of her cute face.

Create a Romantic Moment

Do not just hand her over the bouquet. That would be the waste of those best love flowers. Take some time out of your busy schedule to plan a romantic evening. Book a reservation at her ideal restaurant, or decorate and change the lighting at home only. Add some music and scented candles, spread some petals around, and then present the big bouquet in front of her. If you are gifting her wedding flowers, then you can order some wholesale carnations to magnify the number of blooms in the decoration as well.

Rose: The best love flowers

We all know that there are numerous flowers to choose from, so why a rose? What makes it so special that you would not think twice before packing it and sending it to your beloved? Here are a few reasons that clarify why Rose is the best love flower.

Historic Importance

You must be familiar with the story of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. She is the representation of romantic love and beauty. It is said that roses bloomed wherever she walked. Therefore, the connection of roses with romance dates back to the Greek and Roman mythologies.

Color Red

We all know that love, passion, and desire are all associated with the heart, which is red. Therefore, it strongly emphasizes red as a romantic emblem. This makes red roses a strong representation of your emotions for her.


When you get romantic red roses for your wife, every time she smells, it will remind her of your love for her. Even after you are gone, you will leave that aura behind making her blush all day. Next time she sees red roses somewhere else, or smells rose perfumes, it will be a reminder of your gesture towards her.

Wrap It Up!

While shopping for the romantic roses for her remember this is about the representation of your love for her and not some random gift that does not have to be meaningful. Flowers can have meanings and Red Rose is the biggest gesture of passionate love. Meanwhile, white roses represent loyalty, purity, and innocence. Gifting them as romantic flowers for a girlfriend after a fight can make you win her back.

If you have only dated for a small amount of time, pink roses are your perfect choice. They are neither too tacky nor do they give mixed signals. They show your lover that you intend to turn the pink into red soon. Lastly, what matters the most is that your intentions should be true. It helps you choose the bouquet of roses more precisely and accurately.

Answers to the Common Queries!

Q1. Why does the rose symbolize love?

As per Greek mythology, wherever the goddess of love and passion, Aphrodite walked the roses sprang up. This is one of the most common reasons why roses are a symbol of love.

Q2. Which is the best rose to show love?

The Red Rose is the best flower to symbolize love.

Q3. What flower shows the most love?

Red Roses shows love the most. So, if you are planning to gift a bouquet to your lover then Red Roses are your best pick.

Q4. What does a single rose symbolize?

Single Roses are the symbol of love at first sight. So, it is a perfect first date present.

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