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Over 55 varieties of flowers at wholesale prices for everyone to enjoy!

Global Rose is a one of a kind shop! An online florist that offers a wide variety of flowers at wholesale price points. We grow, harvest, and then ship all our flowers directly from our state of the art and environmentally conscience greenhouses to your doorsteps. Global Rose has a collection of flowers and products that is unique. We deal in small and large bulk quantities of flowers, with an eclectic array of stem lengths, color selections, and varieties of species. We do this to ensure that we address all your floral needs and meet every expectation. There is no better online retailer for flowers at wholesale price points than Global Rose! From our marvelous classics such as our Red Roses, to our brilliant and ever so popular Mother's Day favorite like the White Carnations, to the supernatural beauty of our dyed Blue Hydrangeas, we have them all!