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Fresh Roses Delivery
Multi Color Roses Multi Color
From 50 to 1000 Roses
Rich and complex, Multi Color Roses are unusual flowers that bring an exquisite sophistication to any space.
50 - 1000 Stems Solid Multi-Color Roses
2 - 40 bouquets of 25 stems each
Hand Picked
The stems are 16" - 26" long
Vase Life:
Stage on arrival:
Fresh Closed Bud
Time to Bloom:
23 - 48 Hours
Diameter when bloomed:
2.6" - 4.0"
 rose(s) per stem  

Guard Petals: Yes 3 - 6 
Product Code: solidmulticolor-qty

Multi Color Roses have the same quality that fine dishes in cooking have, layers of intricacy that harmonize together — the result is a deep appreciation of their excellence.

On This Category Boxes come with one or more shades of buds.

They are for those times where you want to say something big and meaningful, they are intriguing and beg for you to take a second look and examine their delicate distribution of color. For a striking display, choose them to add a regal and exotic flavor at a wedding, anniversary, or birthday celebration.

These blossoms are true raconteurs, a story with a beginning, middle, and ending, they speak the unspeakable: beauty and perfection. The language of florets is their school of study, of which they are extremely proficient. If you don’t wish to say any one thing and to, in truth, have it all, then these colorful buds are the answer.

The patterns and detail on them reminds one of fine embroidery and silks: smooth, bejeweled and stunning. They will have anyone becoming a student and perhaps even worshiper of their foreign beauty, as if shipped from a far away land where only refinement and perfection exists.

Treat yourself or surprise and overjoy some special someone with this rare sight. Multi Color Roses are sophistication itself. Their savoir faire will certainly impress, they are the symbol of tastefulness. You have our word of honor, only the best is acceptable and so that is all that we deliver.

50 Roses
16" - 18"
75 Roses
24" - 26"
100 Roses
16" - 18"
100 Roses
20" - 22"
150 Roses
24" - 26"
200 Roses
20" - 22"
200 Roses
20" - 22"
250 Roses
16" - 18"
400 Roses
16" - 18"
500 Roses
16" - 18"
750 Roses
16" - 18"
1000 Roses
16" - 18"


by Google Customer ReviewVerified Buyer
Written on February 16, 2019
Delivered on time. Good prices. Good roses.
by Google Customer ReviewVerified Buyer
Written on June 12, 2018
100 roses for my wifes birthday.Love them better yet she loves them.Service is 5 Star
by Google Customer ReviewVerified Buyer
Written on May 19, 2018
I ordered 250 roses for my anniversary. The roses came in and they looked beautiful. I am on day 5 and they are still awesome. Global rose saved me a lot of money.
Laurel Tamariz Verified Buyer
July 2015
My winter wedding--got exactly the florals I wanted! 500 roses in vendela, proud white, jade, cherry brandy, and echimo. White mums, a couple hundred pink carnations, and plenty of winter greens and fruits from our garden mixed in.

By amazon customerVerified Buyer
Absolutely 100% satisfied with the shipping time and the quality of the roses. I live in the United States of America and the roses arrived on time and in excellent fresh condition. These are the most extraordinary and wonderful roses in the world!!! Four days later the roses are holding up very strong and I'm sure they will last another 7 plus days. This purchase was the best decision I made about fresh roses and i will order again. I want to thank the staff and company for an above all expectation experience. Thank you so much. Shane from Georgia
By Judy Reaves Verified Buyer
' This is the flower arrangement I made for my Mothers 88th Birthday! I used 88 of the multi-color roses and it was magnificent!!! I had many, many compliments on the roses. They came just as ordered and have lasted for a long time! I will definitely order from you again!! Thanks for making her 88th Birthday special! '
By amazon feedback reviewVerified Buyer
These 50 cut birthday multicolor roses were a big hit for my mom's 90th birthday! While the picture shows 4 different colors of flowers, my mom thought she only received one. Beautiful, nevertheless.