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All You Need to Know About Rose Petals!

"By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower." - Rabindranath Tagore
A Quick History Lesson On Rose Petals

An essential part of nearly every wedding, rose petals are an absolute staple! They're tossed by the flower girl, used to decorate a table, adorn halls, and to furnish walkways with hundreds to thousands of stunning little vibrant beauties and yet the origin of these traditions are still oddly ambiguous. Upon peering through the record books, the root of the tradition lies within the concept of fertility. A flower girl dressed in all white, spreading rose petals as she leads the bride to her groom is meant to depict the ending of the brides' chastity and beginning of the romance between she and the groom. Outside of the matrimonial setting, the utilization of rose petals has evolved and expanded over the years. Cleopatra herself, Egypt's last active Ptolemaic ruler, and the former lover of Julius Caesar had her living quarters draped in countless rose petals, so that the visiting Roman politician Mark Antony would always remember her whenever he saw or smelled roses. Historically, the two went on to have a notorious affair that resulted in three children.

What do the colors of rose petals mean and am I choosing the right one?

Rose petals aren't just for weddings! Each color carries with it a different meaning. Red petals undoubtedly symbolize passion and love, while white rose petals more highlight the virtues of ones' purity. Depending on setting and context the colors of the petals can take on very different meanings and the message you're trying to express could become ambiguous if not lost. For instance, if you'd prefer to convey a message of friendship and understanding then shades of yellow are a just right, but if you want to add a bit of regality to an ceremony then shades of purple are absolutely perfect perfect! While color is important, it's all about the message! Airyer colors, like much softer pastel shades of pink, orange, peach, or blue are the choice options for light hearted messages.

Color Meaning
Red Fertility & Love!
White Chastity & Virtue!
Pink Admiration & Appreciation!
Yellow Caring & Friendship!
Orange Energy & Passion!
Where can I buy fresh and natural Rose Petals?

We're proud to provide our customers with fresh rose petals naturally sourced from our eco-friendly farms! They come in a large variety of colors for you to choose from and are great for dressing tables, countertops, and walkways during wedding celebrations and other important ceremonies. Order online or by phone because when you shop exclusively with Global Rose you don't just get absolutely fresh flowers, you also get the best deals!

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