Pilea Microphylla Greenery Flowers

Color tones for all Green Pilea Microphylla may vary due to the computer monitor and/or Mother Nature.

Product Information

40 - 150 Stems of Pilea Microphylla
8 - 230 bouquets of 5 stems each
• Color:
Hand Picked
The stems are 18" - 20" long
• Vase Life: • Stage on arrival:
Ready - use on arrival
• Time to Bloom:
Ready - use on arrival
• Diameter when bloomed:
1.5" - 1.7"
Number of Petals per Flower: Several Leaves
Additional Facts

Pilea Microphylla Greenery Flowers Choose Your Quantity From 40 to 150 Leaves

Add an elegant touch to your special events with fresh Pilea Microphylla Greenery.The perfect flowers for centerpieces, bouquets and all kind of floral arrangements.

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Select Quantity
40 Stems
18" - 20"
80 Stems
18" - 20"
150 Stems
18" - 20"

Additional Information

• Item Condition: New
• Brand: GlobalRose.com
• Guard Petals:
• Product ID:
• Gtin13:
• Box Dimensions:
• Weight:
4.0 - 9.0 lbs
• Packing Material: Recyclable Carton

Product Description


At Global Rose, we provide customers with the best quality Pilea Microphylla Greenery Flowers Flowers at affordable prices. Each bloom comes straight from our own greenhouse and come with double guarantee, so you're guaranteed with only the freshest products with every order.

Our Pilea Microphylla Greenery Flowers are grown in environmentally-friendly greenhouses in the USA, which means your order is guaranteed to be fresh and beautiful. Your Pilea Microphylla Greenery Flowers are hand-picked and cut just for you, and will arrive at your door just 4 days after you order. Please know that color tones for all flowers and roses may vary due to the computer monitor and/or Mother Nature.

"Pilea Microphylla. For Your Next Special Event, Order Pilea Microphylla From Globalrose! We Carry Only The Best Greenery Flowers And Offers Free Delivery And Guaranteed Freshness!