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Beautiful Flower Boquets Online Sale
Grandiose Bouquet Choose Quantity & Color
26 Perfect Flowers!

Excluding Hawaii and Alaska, “which will incur a US$10.00 delivery fee per box”
Each Grandiose Bouquet is an arrangement of 26 flowers. Each box comes with 1 beautiful arrangement, no vase included. This bouquet has 12 stems of Roses, 10 Stems of Altroemerias and 4 stems of Eucalyptus or Ruscus


Choose Your Quantity and Color of Grandiose Bouquet
1 Arrangement 26 Total Stems
Yellow, White, Red, Purple, Pink, Light Pink, Peach
Assembled & Picked by Hand
The stems are 18" - 20" long
Vase Life: Stage on arrival:
Fresh Semi Bloomed
Time to Bloom:
24 - 47 Hours
Diameter when bloomed:
9" - 9.5"
Number of Petals per Flower: N/A
Product Code: grandiose-bqt-qty

Global Rose is one of the top wholesale providers of fresh roses and altroemeria lilies. Countless florists and retail outlets across the USA come to us for the freshest blossoms because we cultivate and ship flowers that are without a doubt the best in the market. Today, our in-house florists have carefully put together six different Grandiose Bouquets in an array of wonderful colors and tones for you to choose from. A dozen stalks of long-stemmed roses and ten stems of altroemerias, aka princess lilies, will be handpicked and custom-made into a gift of nature like no other, a superb surprise for your loved ones, parents, siblings, and friends.

Each flower carries a different meaning and depending on the color, these flowers can have several nuances and interpretations. A dozen roses are the all-time favourite symbol of classic beauty and they will forever remain an ideal way to tell someone just how special they are. The lesser known alstroemeria flower symbolizes good fortune and friendship however, because it is a lily-like bloom, it can also indicate someone's worth beyond beauty. The best way to choose your quantity and color of grandiose bouquet is to find out your recipient's favourite colors. If you're unsure, the easiest way to discover their favourite shade of color is by taking notice of their clothing items down to their socks, phone background colors or screen wallpapers. Choose gentler tones or pastel shades if they have a softer personality and opt for our deep reds and purples to signify their strong characters. If it's meant to be a house warming gift, you might want to pick according to the season which not only shows that you're a thoughtful person but the colors of our florals will bring the outdoor essence of summer or spring into their very own homes.

Through Globalrose.com, you will also receive a free delivery service with your Grandiose Bouquet plus a personalized message to your recipient. Our blooms are superior because their seeds are sewn in some of the richest soil in South America, their roots soak up clean mountainous rain water, and their leaves bathe in shaded sunlight throughout the year. Our team is able to provide these plants with the best because we are located in the most idyllic environment for flowers to prosper, free from harsh winter climates and long droughts. Since 1972, we have worked endlessly to practice responsible farming, resource conservation and efficiency, as well as fair labor processes through new management approaches in the flower industry. All aspects of our business, from growing the plants to handling cut flowers, take into account the environmental impacts and hence, we are always adopting healthy agroecological practices. Global Rose is bound to our promise of providing only the best of the best to our loyal customers.

1 Yellow and White Grandiose Bouquet
18" - 20"
1 White and Red Grandiose Bouquet
18" - 20"
1 White and Purple Grandiose Bouquet
18" - 20"
1 Red and White Grandiose Bouquet
18" - 20"
1 Red and Pink Grandiose Bouquet
18" - 20"
1 Red and Light Pink Grandiose Bouquet
18" - 20"
1 Pink and White Grandiose Bouquet
18" - 20"
1 Pink and Red Grandiose Bouquet
18" - 20"
1 Peach and Pink Grandiose Bouquet
18" - 20"
2 Red and White Grandiose Bouquets