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About Us

The secrets behind your flowers

We ship flowers grown by caring hands, directly from eco-friendly greenhouses to your door. Shaping emotions into boxes, bouquets and arrangements of blooms to order, we deliver colorful and grateful bunches of pure affectionate joy.

From the gentleness employed on planting our blooms - the harvesting of stems just for you - to when we show up at your door, Global Rose delivers thoughtful welcoming care. Flowers that keep you company and cheer your space.

Flowers that are natural expression of our bonds, that embody the beauty of kindness, in all its forms.

Global Rose , Celebrating Kindness.

By having the ability to arrange your flowers, you are also receiving the gift of personal satisfaction.

You are free to touch, arrange, smell, and use your artistic skills to create a personal masterpiece!


About Us

Established in 1999 as an online fresh flower company serving the United States market. the farms of Global Rose have been cultivating flowers for over 30 years. More than 105,000,000 flowers sold. Close to 100,000 special events. Over 50,000 Jubilant Brides. We grow more than 90 different rose varieties and offer almost every type of flower available in different quantities to meet your needs. The 30 years of experience we have in growing flowers coupled with our established sales force enables us to guarantee a high-quality and consistent product that is shipped directly to your doorstep.

Why Global Rose?

It's very simple. You can't get a fresher higher quality flower at such a great price. And the reason is Global Rose is defying the traditional fresh flower supply chain.

On average it takes at least seven days for a flower to travel from the farm to the local supplier. This means flowers supplied by your local retailer are approximately 10 days old by the time you take them home. Global Rose is cutting out the middleman and going directly from the farm to your door. All Global Rose flowers are no more than four days old upon arrival to our customers. That's at least five days fresher than the industry average! And because there is no middleman, the Global Rose price is much more attractive. With Global Rose, you can't go wrong.

How does it Work?

Four days prior to the delivery date your flowers are cut and packed at our farms. They are then flown overnight to the refrigerated warehouse of FEDEX or UPS in Miami where they remain until FEDEX or UPS picks them up and delivers them to you the following day. We deliver anywhere in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii). You can order online at www.globalrose.com any day of the week, 365 days a year.

What is Your Quality Control Procedure?

We produce flowers year round in the best climate available in the world for growing flowers. All our varieties are available throughout the year. Because they are grown in greenhouses, we can guarantee quality every day using the latest technology available.

We harvest our flowers by hand every day but only the ones that meet the highest quality standards will be shipped under the Global Rose brand. Each flower is cut and transported to the post harvest room where it is graded individually. Our roses and carnations are packed in bunches of 25 stems per variety. After they have been graded, they are placed in a hydrating solution in a temperature-controlled room for up to 24 hours. After hydration, they are boxed and transported to the airport where they are flown overnight to Miami, Florida.

Buy with Confidence!

We have always been at the forefront of planting new varieties and installing the newest growing techniques.