Blue Roses

Blue is arguably the most popular color in the world and is proud to offer our customers beautifully grown Blue Roses for you to love and enjoy! Blue flowers have long been symbolically associated with royalty, even today, modern authors are still using blue flowers to convey a sense of regality and majesty, a famous example of this is in the series A Song of Ice and Fire by G.R.R. Martin, in which the character Prince Rhaegar Targaryen presented a crown of blue roses to the Lady Lyanna Stark who he dubbed the Queen of Love and Beauty, an event that essentially set in motion the fictional rebellion that led to the Game of Thrones. Outside of the realm of fiction and fantasy though, the sentiment remains. While they don't grow naturally in the wild, genetic experiments were conducted and after a collaborative effort from that spanned over the course of 10 years the first rose containing the blue pigment delphinidin was created. Fresh roses do work wonders on the soul and when coupled with the color blue, that statement is multiplied tenfold, but alas the true beauty of these roses is found in how they make you feel. Much like flowers, the color blue can have an almost calming effect on a person, the color inspires hope, instills trust, and makes one feel tranquil.