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Rose Petals Fresh Real Flower Petals
Rose Petals
From 3500 - 5000 Petals

Make a big impact with fresh rose petals. The perfect touch in all your special occasions!

Rose Petals
From 3500 - 5000 Petals
Your Choice
Hand Picked
Each Petal covers ≈ 1 square inch
Vase Life: Stage on arrival:
Fresh Ready to Use
Time to Bloom:
Ready - use on arrival
Keep at room temperature

Guard Petals: N/A 
Product Code: petals-qty
3500 Petals Assorted
3500 Petals Bi-Color
3500 Petals Hot Pink
3500 Petals Orange
3500 Petals Pink
3500 Petals Red
3500 Petals White
3500 Petals Yellow
3500 Petals Your Choice
5000 Petals Assorted
5000 Petals Bi-Color
5000 Petals Hot Pink
5000 Petals Orange
5000 Petals Pink
5000 Petals Red
5000 Petals White
5000 Petals Yellow
5000 Petals Your Choice


Stephanie MichelleVerified Buyer
May 2020
Thank you ! I love these petals!
testimonial image
Nubia MurrayVerified Buyer
January 2019
A red roses theme for a recent 'Sensational at Seventy' birthday celebration I coordinated for a dear relative! Thank you globalrose.com for the fantastic service and great roses and petals!
testimonial image
Stefan Andonian‎Verified Buyer
February 2018
Thank you Global Rose for providing the perfect flowers and rose petals!
testimonial image
Randa Hamadeh Melms Verified Buyer
January 2016
Thanks for the beautiful rose petals!
testimonial image
Brittany Leiva Verified Buyer
April 2015
Centerpieces with orchids and calla lilies from Global Rose! They lasted great for the event! I wasn't sure when I ordered since I saw mainly pictures of roses only on here but the calla lilies and orchids were beautiful! / I used orchids from Global Rose to decorate our cake and it turned out great! / Global Rose white rose petals to decorate our ceremony aisle In case anyone else wants to do this, we used one of the 2400 rose petal orders and an order of 4200 petals for a total of 6600.
testimonial imagetestimonial imagetestimonial imagetestimonial image
By amazon customerVerified Buyer
Absolutely 100% satisfied with the shipping time and the quality of the roses. I live in the United States of America and the roses arrived on time and in excellent fresh condition. These are the most extraordinary and wonderful roses in the world!!! Four days later the roses are holding up very strong and I'm sure they will last another 7 plus days. This purchase was the best decision I made about fresh roses and i will order again. I want to thank the staff and company for an above all expectation experience. Thank you so much. Shane from Georgia
By Google Customer ReviewVerified Buyer
I got the rose petals, came on time and in good condition. Used them two days later for my reception tables and looked great. I did however get a wrong color, was supposed to get two pink/white bicolor and they gave me one yellow bicolor for some reason. It still looked amazing and would order again!