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White Carnations
White Carnations
From 12 to 400 Carnations

Excluding Hawaii and Alaska, “which will incur a US$10.00 delivery fee per box”
Exquisite freshly cut white carnations. These charming and radiant flowers will bring joy and happiness to any space.


12 - 400 stems of White Carnations
1 - 16 bouquets of 25 stems each
Hand Picked
The stems are 20" - 26" long
Vase Life:
Stage on arrival:
Fresh Closed Bloom
Time to Bloom:
25 - 49 Hours
Diameter when bloomed:
1.5" - 2.9"

Product Code: carnations-white-qty
White carnations can be used for all sorts of occasions since they represent the purity of love. Thanks to their unique and charming bloom shape and texture, carnations can easily stand out from the crowd! That’s exactly what you would need at your wedding, bridal party, birthday event, engagement dinner. Nothing beats a bouquet of white carnations especially for this affordable and unbeatable price point.

Did we mention that free shipping is inclusive, so order today and get your delivery on your chosen date. Upon receiving your floral box, It is very important to bring your carnations indoors as soon as possible. Make sure that your flower box is kept in a cool place if you can't unbox it immediately.

Flowers need to be trimmed and placed in water in order to rehydrate. Once cut and in water they may be stored at room temperature as long as they are kept away from heat or cold sources and out of direct sunlight. Follow these steps and your carnations are sure to bloom in their most beautiful state.

12 - 99 Stems
20" - 22"
100 Stems
20" - 22"
200 Stems
20" - 22"
300 Stems
24" - 26"
350 Stems
20" - 22"
400 Stems
20" - 22"


by Google Customer ReviewVerified Buyer
December 2018
I got 100 Red Roses and 100 White Carnations the next day they were beautiful ready for my event
Lori Welge Fulk‎Verified Buyer
July 2018
I had so much fun working with my collection of antique glass. I needed to keep the flowers simple, so I ordered a few hundred white carnations from Global Rose. I was shorted just a few, and a few were broken, which Ive never had happen with this company, but they quickly refunded my money and were very easy to work with. The carnations were healthy and gorgeous and bloomed right on time.
testimonial image
William KernanVerified Buyer
The flowers were beautiful!! They arrived.on the date as promised. We received many compliments on the flowers. Thanks so much for the wonderful service you have given us and we have referred your Company to our friends. Thanks again,
Amanda MicekVerified Buyer
February 2015
So many compliments. White Carnations, Pink Spray Roses and White Roses. Thank you for great service!

testimonial image testimonial image
By amazon customerVerified Buyer
THIS order arrived well packaged and the product - the flowers were fresh, beautiful, and remained so, as carnations do. I was very pleased with this purchase. Although I had a poor experience with the calla lillies, I had success with these.
By Kathy Urick Verified Buyer
Got the white carnations from global rose for a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon and they were so fresh I still have a few that weeks later are in great shape will definitely order from them again!!
By Marie Cisterino Ludwig Verified Buyer
Thank you for saving my job!! NEVER assume you can find anyone local to get you the flowers you need. We had a huge catering gig for Oktoberfest for a local bank and I needed 20 centerpieces and 200 white carnations. I found your business on line and took a chance ... WOWSER!!! They arrived on time two days before and I let them breathe in big buckets. These flowers were fresh and beautiful. Big hit. You are now our go-to florist!! Thank you from the Valley Forge Catering Company
By Amanda MicekVerified Buyer
'So many compliments. White Carnations, Pink Spray Roses and White Roses. Thank you for great service! '
By Vieroska Jimenez Verified Buyer
' I used 100 yellow carnation and 100 white carnations from global rose, to decorate this beautiful paint of the Madonna (Mary and Jesus) for this year Easter vigil. '
By Brittney Maehl Verified Buyer
' Thanks for the beautiful order. My company ordered 300 red and white carnations for Memorial Day. We worked with a local daycare and decorated the graves of veterans laid to rest at two local cemetaries. It was a beautiful day and we taught the little ones the true meaning of the holiday. Thank you for this opportunity. Your order was gorgeous, arrived safe and sound and was a lot less expensive than we anticipated. '
By Cheryl CentenioVerified Buyer
I purchased the white carnations from Globalrose and I am very pleased with the flowers. Cheryl Centenio
By Patsy Kohles WilhelmVerified Buyer
Ordered 200 white carnations for a center pieces for a function that honored our men and women in blue. The carnations arrived in wonderful condition and the instructions were easy to follow. Will recommend Globalrose to all my friends a family
By Cathi PotterVerified Buyer
White Carnations-spray painted Tiffany Blue strung on fishing line hung on the porch for a bridal shower
By Google Customer ReviewVerified Buyer
The white carnations I ordered came on time and were beautiful and fresh. They were packaged well and included helpful directions. I would definitely order from Globalrose.com again! The only reason that I could not give five stars was because I only received 193 carnations instead of the 200 I ordered
By Google Customer ReviewVerified Buyer
We bought all white carnations for my wedding from this sight and thay showed up perfect and lasted so long that after the wedding we were able to give them to people at the hospital to spread some cheer. I would buy again.
By Google Customer ReviewVerified Buyer
Absolutely satisfied with Global Rose! Ordered 300 pink and white carnations for our wedding. Rcvd a personal phone call to confirm shipping addresses as well as confirmation emails that included tracking numbers. Such a smooth process especially when planning a wedding! Flowers arrived, placed them in water with the flower food and they opened right up overnight. Made our bouquets and boutonnières, all of our centerpieces and tables. So, delivery was a Wednesday, decorated Thursday and Wedding was Friday. Here it is a week later and they are still beautiful!! Will definitely be ordering again and again! Thank you Global Rose!!
By joannaVerified Buyer
At the last minute, I ordered 200 roses for my wedding. I was concerned that they would arrive too soon, so I contacted the seller. They responded and were able to delay shipment so they would arrive before the wedding but not too far before. The roses arrived one day early, which was fine. I kept them in the box in a cool, dark area of my parents' house (a 1904 Victorian-style house with no air-conditioning in Portsmouth, NH) and they fared perfectly well. My friends handled the bouquets for my wedding (I was a wee bit overwhelmed, ha) so all I did was take the roses from the boxes, cut the bottom of the stems, and place them in water. They did not have thorns at all. I wish I could post a picture of my bouquet (in addition to the roses, we had ranunculus [from another seller] and eucalyptus [from Trader Joe's]) because it was amazing. The roses looked perfect in the bouquets and the centerpieces. They held up really well on the day of the wedding (June 22) and for a few days after. I highly recommend these roses as well as this seller. Thank you for making my wedding spectacular!
By Google Customer ReviewVerified Buyer
Im still a little in shock over finding such a wonderful flower delivery company. I very rarely send flowers anymore, because they are so grossly overpriced, and because so often in the past, what arrived always looked so different and sub par from what I ordered. But: Not with Global Rose! The roses delivered to my friend were absolutely gorgeous, and exactly as pictured on the website. Furthermore, the price was beyond reasonable! I definitely feel I got a ton of value for what I paid. Id even say I got more value than what I paid for. I even got a call from a customer service representative the day after I placed my order just confirming the details of the order, etc. This made me feel really secure. Im going to recommend Global Rose to everyone I know- Seriously. Thank you for restoring my faith in the flower delivery industry, for providing such a beautiful and affordable product, and for your diligent customer support. Keep up the good work!
By Google Customer ReviewVerified Buyer
Absolutely perfect! I scheduled a Wednesday delivery for a Saturday wedding. I was hesitant to receive that early but glad I did. The flowers were perfect on Saturday (would have be fine for Friday too). Since the flowers are such an important part of the wedding it was a blessing to remove from my list of worries. I put them in big buckets of water in the laundry room and turned a fan on during the day. At night, I opened the windows in the room and let the cool air in. I ordered white hydrangeas, white roses, orange roses, sunflowers and 3 different white fillers. We received a ton of compliments and everyone wanted to know who the florist was, I was proud to say.....ME!. Thank you Globalrose for making me look so good and making my daughters wedding look magical.