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Consumed by Beauty : Lost to the Power of a Rose

Have you ever allowed yourself to be overtaken by beauty? A glance over to the side, without having intended to observe anything but rather take note, could be a dangerous thing with a lovely floral arrangement around. Just short of a sort of hypnotism, they may grip you in the most shocking of ways. That is, that they ask of you to stop that which you were doing and thinking in order to contemplate and admire them. Solely.

How unusual that this commodity exists, its profundity quite shocking and yet often unnoticed…as if a flower were an everyday occurrence. Or so it is. But why? Why would we constantly encounter these beautiful object of desire along our daily paths…something so grand amongst the mundane?

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” Emma Goldman

It seems to be the workings of irony itself that beauty would be right under our noses and somehow not valued to the fullest extent of which it deserves. However, why focus all our energy on this single disturbing fact?

Rather, we shall turn our attention to the way that flowers, especial in large clusters…as is how we sell them here at Global Rose, posses the finest power of leaving an impression of utter decadence that is immensely appreciated. Divinity at a glance.

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